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seriously that looks like the product of a top gear challenge

I've seen a Prius with 17" alloys and low-profile tires, so a vinyl roof isn't too far away. In fact I'll be on the lookout for them next time I'm in Florida.

HA! Good luck. It's hard enough to find a Prius with Florida tags (most are college students from out of state). Though I like how they've kept the door pillars. It's just like a fat woman who wears a strapless dress with a bra that isn't.

apologies to Jeff Foxworthy
Jesus christ almighty, that is spectacularly ugly.
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Oh my god! How can you make the ugliest car in the world more ugly? Cut the roof off.

I hate the Prius on so many levels. It?s ugly. It?s for smug conceited people! It?s a joke and it?s not as good as the hype.

If you drive a Prius your saying ?Oh look at me, I?m so good, I?m so wonderful, I care about the planet, I?m better than you, your evil, you?ll burn in hell, but me, I?m really care about the planet.? But, what it also says about you is ?You?re a big headed, attention seeking, twat!?

I think Toyota make it as a joke. Why? Because it?s so ugly. They had a blank canvas, they could have made it look great, but they chose to build an ugly car. Why? So the jokes on the pompous people that buy them, making them a laughing stock as they drive down the road in one of the ugliest cars in the world, whist thinking people admire them for their choice of car, when really the mock them.

Recently, there was a road test where the new BMW 5 Series diesel was found to be better than the Pirus. Not only that the new BMWs that have zero emissions when standing still at traffic lights emit less that a Pirus at the lights! But, if you drive a BMW then the ignorant will think you?re evil for driving a big powerful car! The average Pirus driver knows nothing about cars (after all they brought a Pirus) so, again, in their smug self-righteous fantasy world they would think they were polluting less!

As, I said, the Pirus is so in your face saying ?Look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME! I care about the planet!!!!?

How sad have you got to be, to want to make such a statement as that?
Ok wait. So you pay this Al Zadeh guy $12.5k and in exchange he takes your car and makes it uglier, ruins the aerodynamics, increases noise, compromises visibility, decreases chassis strength, introduces rattles and vibration, reduces storage space and did i mention makes it uglier than an elephants scrotum.

Seriously wtf?
^ stop stealing my images!

Today I saw a Prius fucking LANE SPLITTING! Now if the typical Prius driver is that kind of douchebag, what self-important jackass would it take to buy a damn Prius convertible. Yes, it's not enough to drive the only hybrid that jumps up and down on your face while shitting a giant "Look-at-me-I'm-better-than-you" turd on the top of your head, but now we have to take a tin opener to the rolling pile of smegma and excrement so that everyone can get a good look at you while you let clouds of smug roll out of your open top.
True, but the convertible makes it easier to throw things at them.
Hmm, seems I'm not the only prius hater. Civic Hybrid is way better.

I bet you we'll see many celebs riding around in these very soon. If the have the top open, it only makes it easier for us to throw rotten tomatoes and eggs at their face.
I'm too lazy to read that, but doesn't the convertible bit totally ruin the aerodynamics and the MPG?

Ofcourse, but the eco-lesbians might want a convertible. As we all know, its just hypocritical bullshit, Worst car ever.
Jeremy's Clarkson Espace Convertible (both) certainly look way better than this junk...
Ok, we all agree it looks awful and ridiculous. My biggest problem with is the price...$12,500 for the conversion...FOR WHAT??? They just cut the roof off and put a soft top. I'm sorry but the Top Gear guys did the same thing (well, sort of...) with no money at all.
True, but the convertible makes it easier to throw things at them.

I?d Love to hear Jeremy talking about this :lol:

we wouldnt have top gear anymore becouse Jeremy would laugh forever:rolleyes:
To the PT Cruiser: your reign as the ugliest convertible has ended! Step down please.

I actually saw one on the road the other day and couldn't help myself, I just had to laugh out loud.

So no, the PT Cruiser convertible is still to be beaten in ugliness. But the Prius comes close.

Doesn't matter though. The "yes, it's ugly but it's green" clientel will buy it anyway and grin down on us, while we are laughing at them.
I say...
I posted pics of it in Carbage a few weeks ago and forgot about it.. you just had to remind me :wall: