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Problem. Top Gear will *not* be released.

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Jan 8, 2005
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FYI: zeroSignal is a noob and this post is a fake. -Viper

Okay, initially, we didn't want to spread the word about this, because we thought we'd get through it. But, the real reason why VUK will not be recording/encoding tonights episode is because he was arrested a few days ago, and detained for copyright infringement. We were on the lookout for another source, as well as finding a way to support VUK and offer help with legal fees.

However, the shit hit the proverbial fan just a few minutes ago. We got word that Viper was arrested in a piracy bust, and is being detained under charges of distributing stolen property.

In other words, we're all fucked.

More info available in the chat channel. Needless to say that we need to get organized and help both VUK and Viper.

You're sure? proof plz!
seriously? for some reason i do not believe that.
if its true, i may have to go on a spree of mass destruction/killing. However, i doubt that it is true...
Christ if viper was being detained for this site, then the site would be shut down.
ha, that was a good one, had me going for a minute.
KryptonZone said:
So this aint true right?

I personally find it very hard to believe.

And one of the guys in the chat suggested we "Help out with legal fees"

ie: "Send me money"

ie: "I am trying to scam you"
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