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Problem with [05x05]


Sep 5, 2005
Toronto, Canada

I'm having a real problem with this episode (nov 21 05).

I have played all other episodes I have in Winamp with no troubles.

I'm getting no audio or video.

Here is a screen shot of Gspot.

Thanks for your help guys!

Thanks for the tips guys. Latest xvid didn't do anything but VLC plays the file. I'm happy because I never saw this episode.

Now the problem I have is that NeroVision Express still won't recognize the file so I can't put it to DVD. Any ideas there?
ffdshow with the video for windows drivers option checked could work... (install with all the "vfw" options on...)


You actually need to get the vid working in a player that uses direct show, since Nero accesses it that way, I think...
If not, you could open it in Virtual Dub and recompress it with a really high bitrate in the same resolution to proper Xvid or go to mpeg2 right away... That should work for sure... (maybe as a first try in that direction, simply put audio and video on direct stream copy, as it could maybe work as well and only takes a minute or two... If you don't have any idea what I'm on about... Then sorry...)

Long time since this post but I finally got around to fixing this problem. Thanks for your suggestions Buba.

I installed virtual dub. When I try to open the file I am having problems with I get the error message: "Couldn't locate a decompressor for format 'xvid' (unknown). Virtualdub requires a video for windows compatible codec to decompress video. Directshow codecs such as those used by windows media player, are not suitable."

Maybe this narrows down the problem a bit. I have just installed the latest xvid codec.

It baffles me that nobody else has had this problem.

Thanks for your help!
Same problem with "Top Gear - 2004.11.21.avi"

Same problem with "Top Gear - 2004.11.21.avi"

Thanks !!!!, solution... install the VLC Player, I use the Crytal Player, every time works perfect but this one only can be played with the VLC, don't know why but it works ;) I also have problems with the audio of the ep. Top Gear - 2004.12.05.avi, now it works too !!!
thats weird...when i downloaded 05x05 ir worked flawlessly. but now i wanted to watch it again and at first i was missing the picture in MPC and the sound in VLC. then i got the ffdshow as buba suggested and now i had the picture upside down in MPC...

i'm now converting it via virtualdub... :?