Problems playing episode 15x05 SD rip


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Feb 27, 2007
First time I have had any problems of any kind, but today, for some reason, VLC crashes after just a few seconds of playing the SD rip. Does the same on my PC and my laptop.

Anyone else having problems?
Ok, never mind. It wouldn't play more than a few seconds before crashing in VLC. Would pixellate, skip and had no audio when played with BS.Player (downloaded just to test), but for some reason, worked just fine using crappy old Windows Media Player.
Well BS player has certainly earned its name. It uses its own bundled codecs, which are known to be quite broken in many respects. VLC also uses its own codecs and playback system (rather than the Windows one), and while they tend to be better than BSplayer, it still often has problems with files that don't faze other players (and vice versa). Your best bet is almost always a good codec pack (CCCP) and Media Player Classic Home-Cinema, but Windows Media Player should work fine too, as long as you have the right codecs installed.
Media Player classic works fine most of the times, I'd suggest that too...
For some reason it didnt wanna play the 1080i version though.. and in VLC that version had some jumps and skips right in the Ayrton Senna segment, so I deleted it and downloaded the 720 one :(
Works fine now though...
The SD rip worked fine, dunno what could have happened to your copy of the SD and my copy of the HD. Torrents for the lose?