Problems with Logitech K270 wireless keyboard


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Feb 14, 2007
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Since new (nearly 4 years now), this K270 has had a problem with the "1" key above the "QWERTY". The "1" on the 10-key works fine. About one out of ten times it just doesn't work, unless you really smack the key pretty hard. It's not usually a problem, but like yesterday, I missed getting the one in my area code and it made for a difficult time getting something I paid for (shipping a bike I sold).

Any suggestions on how to remedy this?
Hmm, that's a tough one to diagnose remotely...

The keyboard should be a dome-switch keyboard, that means there aren't many parts if you disassemble it to check the insides, basically just the rubber dome mat, two contact layers and a separation layer between those contact layers. The electronics are usually on a single PCB screwed down to one of the halves of the shell, but you shouldn't need to take that out. I would open the keyboard and see if there is an obvious break in one of the traces either on the upper or the lower contact layer. That said, you should only do that if you're fairly confident in your abilities to not screw it up and/or you have a spare keyboard you could use if you do screw it up. ;)
You might want to take a checkered piece of paper and put the screws on the paper in the positions that you took them out of the keyboard. This way you can put them exactly in the right screw hole when you reassemble it.
Cleaning the contacts with a little rubbing alcohol while it's apart might help too.