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Project Torque - MMO Car Racing, Free to Play


Oct 19, 2005

Game Features:

* MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game)
* Cutting Edge 3D Graphics
* Several Types of Game Modes
* 8 Player Races (Expanding to 32 Players per Race)
* Advanced Experience and Licensing System
* Online Community features like Chat and Email within the Client
* Shop and Item Mall for Upgrades and Car Customization
* Online Rankings
* Tournaments

Upcoming Features

* Race Teams / Race Clubs
* Fully Customizable Avatars and Race Girls
* New Cars
* New Tracks
* New Modes of Play

For more information on Project Torque, please visit our Game Guide.

The above taken Directly from the Aeria Games site.

now for the Personal opinion stuff

Project torque is a free to play MMO racing game. I have been playing for a couple of months now, the game recently went open beta.

The Racing is not Simulation level like LFS or RFactor, but the physics is quite good. The Graphics IMHO are very nice, and with reasonable Hardware runs pretty well. Lag is an issue for those with slow connections but seems to be handled pretty well by the game.

The game progresses by competing in various forms of racing as well as a CTF mode and an explorer mode (like a easter egg hunt) and gaining RP (XP) from your participation, as well as extra RP for completing clean sections, improving laptimes, and your finishing position in the race. You then gain levels which unlocks Tracks, Racing Modes, Cars, and Parts.

Full damage is modelled on the cars to the point that if you smash your right front quarter panel, as well as showing the deformed panel and paint, the car will pull in the appropriate direction, if it is a night race you may lose your right headlight, and if you loosen the bonnet, it will fly up when you go over bumps obscuring your view.

The tracks themselves Range from Country Roads, RallyCross, Circuits, City Street, and Oval Track (thunder alley mode).

The current cars are
Starter Cars
The Kawana is the only RWD starter car, it is underpowered and has a lower top speed than any other car in the game, on tracks with lots of curves and not many straights it will out handle the 3 other starter cars.

The Lion is the most powerful starter car, but is bigger and heavier and suffers in braking and handling.

The Wizz is the current favorite, it is almost as fast as the lion, it is difficult to learn, but on most tracks is the fastest starter car in stock form.

The Corus is meant to be very similar to the Wizz, but in reality suffers from being as difficult to control as the wizz and does not have as much power.

At this point there are only 2 upgrade Cars

Quadro - think of an evo, fast awd, handling takes some getting used but is faster out of the box than any of the starter cars, and handling once accustomed is also very good.

Buggy - RWD sprint car, not as fast as a Quadro, but very twitchy on the handling. The Quadro is probably the better choice for 90% of the tracks, but the buggy may be more your style.

They are expecting to expand the list to something like 25 cars in the very near future including Licensed models from Toyota, Mazda, and Mitsubishi.

In November Admins will select 32 players randomly from all players who have achieved B Rank or Higher to take place in a tournament, for which first prize is $1000. Full details on the website linked at the top of this post.

Free to Play and good, how can that be. Like alot of MMORPG companies Aeria games exists by selling extra items to its players for cash. Project torque is yet to get the Item Mall, but this is expected to be implemented when the game goes live in a couple of weeks, at which point as well as the RP you earn through regular racing, you can buy AP with real world dollars to upgrade your car, or enhance your gameplay. People paying real world dollars will probably get better parts sooner than players choosing not to pay money, but at the end of the day a good driver in a bad car will still beat a bad driver in a great car, and choosing not to buy AP will not lock you out of the game.

If anyone sees me in game say hi, my name in PT is gazob

Here is a youtube video showing the game, and you will find many more online


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That youtube vid makes it look quite crappy.
That youtube vid makes it look quite crappy.

agree the quality of the video isnt great, the video was more to give an idea as to some of the different tracks. That video was just something another user has put up, not a promotional video, if you want to see glossy, either run the game yourself or check the website for something official.
Thanks Vette, yeah Im still enjoying playing. I tend to get really into these types of games and go hardcore for a few months and then start slacking off, but this one has heaps of new stuff coming that Id like to have a go at, including a demolition derby mode of play that should be fun.

They are getting pretty close to live release of the game and with that there will be a host of new cars including some "real" ones including this




for those of us who dont like "rice" it is nice to know that exterior / visual car enhancements dont affect performance, so you dont need to put the ironing board on the back, or attack the bonnet with an axe.

For anyone else playing, pop a reply in here with your ingame name and your thoughts about it. The bigger the community, the more people there are to race.

I will give it a try :)

Play it from time to time :). You can add me if you like.
For those wondering what Thunder alley mode is like, I made a video for another forum. You unlock Thunder Alley" mode at level E III, I quite enjoy playing it, it is basically Nascar style driving, with Pits, Fuel Burn, Drafting, etc. Once again the quality is rubbish, but Youtube, photobucket, Google video all make video look rubbish. It has a few of "my" tips overlayed.

I guess also worth mentioning is Drift City. Same general concept (free MMO racer), except this has much looser physics. Its good as a Need for Speed clone, but didn't hook me for a long period of time. It might be good if you want something more NFS-y instead of GTR-y.
Are they eventually going to charge for this, or is going to remain free?
It will remain free to play. there is an option to buy AP (aeria points) which you spend instead of RP (reward points) which you earn in game. And at this point the licensed cars will all be AP based as they need to pay a royalty to Mazda / Toyota / Mitsubishi. The choice is with the player to either save RP's or purchase some AP's.

Just as an aside, I was playing on the Aeria forums last night and had a magic idea, register a second account as TheStig, sadly that had been taken, but amazingly The_Stig hadnt, so score one for me. Because of the current small player pool if you are quick many Top Gear and Fifth gear names are available including
BlackStig, Black_Stig, WhiteStig, White_Stig, JamesMay, James_May, JeremyClarkson, Jeremy_Clarkson, sadly Jezza JC and Hamster all taken. Not sure on the maximum length for a username, but Stigs_Fat_US_Cousin hasnt been used.
For Fifth gear Not sure whether Tiff has been taken (too many names like Tiffy and Stiff1 to bother searching through a list with 50+ matches), VBH is free, Plato is taken.

Just checked and CaptainSlow and Captain_Slow are both Available

have fun and hope to see alot more TopGear names in the game.

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Free Car - Hexen GT

follow the instructions on this link


Basically you need to go off to a german MMORPG website, register an account, post in the appropriate thread (the one about beta-keys) and i think they pm you a code, which you then go back to the original thread and type in, giving you a free car + other bits.

Too easy.

Figure I'll give it a try. It's a freebie (good, as I'm currently broke) not to mention the good word posted here.
I think we need some pics so more people will get interested.
Look how pretty it is :eek:



On a side note i hate the new car, very difficult for me to do the tracks with lots of corners. On the tracks with more straights is really gives you such an advantage, which makes it kinda unfair for the drivers with the more normal cars.
I need more grip, so that means new tires but my level is too low :(

So now I'm sticking with my Wizz for most of the tracks. You can just throw that thing in a corner and you know it'll survive. It does have the better tires, and those things help a lot. Next thing I'm saving up for is the weight reduction. Someone told me that was the next best thing to get after tires.

My Nick in the game is Kip666
I wanted to give it a try, but it's Windows only...