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ps2 dvd remote


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey do u think its worth getting a ps2 dvd remote? its only 120 bucks HKD. the cool thing is that with the thin one, the one i have, you cna turn the ps2 on and off with it. however u can do this with the big one if u have one of the 1st generations ones without the IR port built in.
I have one, useful gadget. =) But not for 120 bucks. For 100$ - maybe, but not for 120 bucks! :)
If you have other Sony components (ie: TV, audio receiver) then most times the universal remote they give you will control the PS2. Mine does.
Teh PS2 remote isnt nessesary..for me at least..i'v only used it like a couple times.
No way it's worth it, use the controller to go in the menus, it's faster and easier.