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Apr 24, 2006
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So Redliner made some punny Indian restaurant names and I had the idea to make this thread to see what we could all come up with, given our creativeness. Come up with creative restaurant names based off the particular native country's dishes or the country itself.

Redliner's names:
Second to Naan
In a curry/Curry up

Tikka to ride

Paneer and Far
From "The Good Place"

^aka...how to kill a thread :D
Sorry...but we can still keep it going.
Does this count?


I nearly lost my shit the first time I drove by
Taco the Town (Was a taco truck in town.)
Let's Give Them Something to Taco-bout
Marco Pollo (Please, please, please don't say Polo.)
The Torta and the Hare (Probably not all that good of a name.)
Watcha' Taco-bout, Willis (Only '80s kids will get this one! I feel dirty for typing that.)
We Be Jamon (Pork-centric restaurant.)
How about some more Indian places "Sag Aloo, Then Goodbye"?

A takeaway "Popadom Preach"?? (my name is Sandeep)

"Korma's a Bitch"?

"Korma Chameleon"?

"Kashmir Falling Star"?

Or a place for Caspian cuisine...

"Crimea River"


"Foo Yung To Die"
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Good ones.
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I forgot the Turkish truck stop just outside Dortmund. This only really works if you know German.

"El Cafe".
There is a pretty popular fleet of food trucks around here called "Curry Up Now." There may also be a brick-and-mortar location, too...not sure on that.

About 3 decades ago, I remember a small Thai place/piercing and tattoo parlor called "Thai Me Down".
A steak restaurant called "Every cow and then"?
If the roles were reversed and someone was using English to make a menu full of obscene puns, I would think it's hilarious - but that's me.