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puppy question


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May 26, 2004
hong kong
hey guys wondering if any of you have experience in them. i have a simple quesiton wondering if u know the answer to it?
u can see that u see more white on the right eye than the left. i donno if this is like chicken eyes in humans or whatever. i mean u dont notice much and i still love him to bits but then i am just wondering if it is pernement or is it bad for him :cry: :cry: :cry:

I've seen dogs with more crossed eyes, it's just like humans AFAIK they see things a little different maybe but they're not in pain..
I can't really see how it's in real life, but if you're doubting you should go and let the vet check him/her. You don't wanna be too late with medical problems..
yeah i know but my parents dont think its much. i;ll go check if his eyes are red but n e wyas, i doubt that guy on the net is that good to diaignose him with blurry ass photo and 5 secs and no consultaion
Didn't they check the animal before they sold it to you? Honestly I think he's okey, if it's a registered place they would have told you, Is your country into sue-ing (sp?) because they wouldn't risk a lawsuit because they didn't tell you all about the dog.
yeah they have a guranttee that u can trade it for another one if u not happy in 24 hours but my parents bargined it to 48 hours. moreover it started on the price of 3800HKD but my mum is a uber barginer and got 1 K off it, i was amazed and we got 20% off all products lol =.="
no coz of his illness if he has n e. and the good thing is u dont needd a vet note. i am on about customer service not my dog. i love him if he had no eye. but it might take time to get use to. touch wood he doesnt.