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Purchasing a car in the US, advice appreciated


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Oct 25, 2004
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Ok so the senior members in here probably know about my impending move to Seattle, USA due in exactly 11 days from now.
For the newcomers, I got a job at Microsoft US and am about to move to Seattle accordingly.

The thing is, when I do relocate I get temporary housing and rental car for a month and then I'm on my own. So within the next 40 days I should purchase a new/used car.
Being a gearhead like all people in here, I'm looking for a performance sports car, preferably a coupe but roadsters are fine too.
I am not yet entirely sure about my budget, I don't want to lease so I'm probably gonna finance the amount over 60 months.

I think that 30-35K USD will be within my limits of 700 USD per month. The less the better :)

So right now I think my options are the following:
New BMW Z4 2.5 (around 35K new with a few options)
New Nissan 350z (around 32K for new performance edition)
New Mini Cooper S (around 25K with GPS and some cool options thrown in)
Used BMW Z4 3.0 or 2.5 (25K to 35K roughly)
Used Boxster/Boxster S (around 30K for 2000 or 2001 models with 50K miles on the clock)
Used 1999 Porsche Carrera with 46K miles on the clock for 37K (stretching it a bit on the budget, but hey, it's a carrera! ;) )
Used Audi TT quattro 1.8T (25K for a 2002 roadster with merely 15K miles on the clock)
And last resort would be a new 2.5L VW Jetta for around 18K.

All prices are in US Dollars.

And of course I'm open to all further suggestions fitting the budget and the performance sports car status.

Your advice and recommendations are very highly appreciated.

If you would be so kind so as to check the websites and prices for me before posting I'd be eternally grateful.

I will later create a poll with the short list of what we collectively come up with. I can't say that the poll will be the deciding factor but it will definitely have very strong influence on my final decision.

I will of course later update you with my final purchasing details within a month hopefully, and -even better- photos :)

Thanks everybody in advance :)

New Infiniti G35 coupe added to the list according to your invaluable participation. 36K with sports and premium packages.
jayjaya29 said:
Subaru STI or Mistu Evo? Or is that too much perfomane for you?
No not really too much performance, but rather too much sacrifice in the interior/build quality department....
This is gonna be my primary means of transportation so it's gotta be kinda nice and -relatively- luxurios in addition to sheer driving fun....
p0w3r said:
how about a honda S2000? its around 33K :)

Good option, I'd considered it, but I thought the 350z was better value, more bhp, newer model, better performance, and for less money. And both are jap anyway..... The S2000 just seems too old too.
Yes, the 9000rpm redline is awesome, but it lacks on torque (because of the smaller displacement) so the 350z will probably eat it alive.

And the 350z is also available as a coupe, I have a natural tendency to like coupes more as I mentioned, plus the fact that it rains 200 days a year in Seattle :)
From a practical standpoint I'd go with something that's not going to break down (I'm sure you don't need any extra errands to run), and something that isn't going to depreciate much (so you can keep more $$$ for that M5 down the road).

For me it would be the Boxster/Boxster S. I bet in 5 years time it will be worth almost what you paid for it. 8)
YES! Saving for the M5 is high on my priorities :D
But would it still be ok to get a 5 year old boxster with 50K or up to 70K miles on the clock?
np, however if u like the 350Z, u should definately consider the infiniti G35 coupe (also around 33K). Its kinda like the 350Z, but it looks and sounds better all in a more luxury package. :D

The S2000 acctually handles a lot better then the 350Z and the G35, but then again with wide open roads, id think more power would be more satasifying.
Infinit G35, great car as mentioned.

Dodge Charger/Magnum, something different.

New 'Stang, great looking car.

Used M3, probably in your range.

My suggestion is get the S2000, RX8, or the G35/350Z. Basically anything Japanese. Trust me, when you're settling in, an unreliable, expensive car is the last thing you need.

Mabrook, btw. Enjoy that Egyptian atmosphere while it lasts.
lol, thanks ///M !! It certainly feels special having someone on the forums telling me "Mabrook" :D
For the non-arabic speaking majority "Mabrook" is "Congrats" in Arabic :)

I am indeed trying to squeeze every last drop of the atmosphere, the family, and friends.....

The G35 looked nice on the website, 36K would get me a G35 coupe with 6 speed MT, sports package, and premium package. Sounds good.
But I'd never read any reviews for it, could someone here point me to anywhere I could find a pro review of the G35? Is it close enough to the 350z (chassis, weight, weight distribution) to be just as good?
the G35 is basically the same platform and shassis as the 350Z....

The 350Z might be a little faster around the track since the G35 has more luxury stuff, but i doubt you'll feel the perfromance in everyday driving (but u will feel the luxury stuff :D)
the g35 also has a back seat. its a great looking car and have heard nothing but good things from it.

what about an rx8? quite a bit cheaper than everything you listed, hardtop, and fun as hell.
yeah well, tried to escape discussing that in order not to piss ren :oops:
It is indeed cheaper, but I'm not entirely sure about the rotary reliability thing, the car I get is gonna be driven hard (I expect a track day once or twice a month), and used everyday for long mileages so you know... As everybody said, the last thing I need when settling in is car problems....

And the G35 looks like a fine car indeed..... Kinda best of both worlds, bmw ride and luxury with the 350z performance and the price is meet-in-the-middle.... I'm beginning to like this car a lot!
^^dont forget the sound :p

...sorry but i just had to stress that one more time...i just love how it sounds (too good to be true for a stock 35kish car :D )
Take a few of the cars u listed for a test drive when u get here, but im sure the G35 would be near the top after a test :)
The new Mustang definately is a looker, and the GT (with the V8) has a kick to it, too. It starts off at about 25,000 for the GT and 27,000 for the GT Premium.

I've heard too many people complain that the S2000 isn't a practical everyday car (but a great track car).

Of your list, I'd probably go with the G35.
I assume winters have a decent amount of snow / ice in Redmond.
Have you ever driven on snow/ice? (not sure if they have that in Egypt :unsure: )
If not, I suggest you get something that has awd.
My pick would be the Porsche Boxster S.
z4 3.0 is my pick :D