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Purists, Lock Up Your Daughters. Ferrari Develops 4x4 System


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Jul 1, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
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Uh-Oh. Surely not. PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

edmunds said:
MARANELLO, Italy ? Ferrari is ready to break with tradition by adding a four-wheel-drive system for future sports cars, according to reports.

The Italian company has filed patent drawings for a part-time 4x4 system, which could be used on front-engined models such as the 612 Scaglietti and the forthcoming V12-powered 600, as well as Maserati's Quattroporte and Coup?. The setup also combines all-wheel drive and a transaxle layout for the first time in a Ferrari.

A patent drawing published by Autocar magazine shows that the new system is very compact and is simpler than rival 4x4 systems based on a rear-drive layout. A constant velocity joint and an oil-bath clutch ? the clutch transmits power to the front wheels ? are encased on the end of the engine block.

The system will not be an Audi quattro-style, full-time 4x4; instead, it will function like a traction control system, using sensors and computers to transmit drive to the front wheels if the car starts to slide while cornering. In higher gears, the system is limited to 20-to-30-second bursts of 4x4 traction to stop overheating.

What this means to you: Don't worry ? it's not a Ferrari SUV, though that might happen as well, according to rumors from Italy. This is a road-safety aid that will enhance Ferrari's legendary handling.
this appears to be a good thing that will improvr the handling of ferraris. btw this workd exactly the same as your beloved attessa awd on the skyline
Yes, i realise that, but a ferrari is different, it's a pure, unadultered sports machine, with rear wheel drive. I'm a bit of a purist myself so Ferrari moving away from the FR or MR roots is just a bit much.
it will only be used on front engined ferraris which are never "pure, unadultered sports machines" so i think its a good step for ferrari to take. look at lambos, they are still hard core but yet controllable and easy to drive at the limit bc of awd
At first it sounds blasphemous - but as patrick10 said Lambo use AWD and it doesn't stop them being hardcore supercars. It's a rear biased system, so I don't think you'll see the handling balance being destroyed.
people felt the same way when porsche switched the 911 to a water cooled engine.

i say, if it makes them faster, engineer it. :thumbsup:
Yes purists wont like this. AWD is fine on an Audi cos they'v had it for decades but it shouldnt be on a Prancing Horse :no:

Its inevitable though...all manufactures want to do is increase profit and chuck away tradition and the value of their brand.

Next up will be a Ferrari SUV - Oh gosh that'll finish the brands rich history.
A ferrari SUV would seriously make me cry. Truly, i would cry.
flyingfridge said:
A ferrari SUV would seriously make me cry. Truly, i would cry.
Porsche is bad but i can live with it. Ferrari is sacrelige!!!
Ferrari did extensive research in the 80's when AWD was hot technology.
They're just trying to complete what they already started. (Enzo Ferrari probably did not approve of it and canned the idea for a production car. Since Enzo is now gone . . .)

Maybe they're embarassed that a Skyline GT-R can kick their ass on the track. :p

If you think about this seriously, Ferrari already "ruined" their purity by adding in a ridiculous amount of electronic driving aids on their current cars. How is this AWD system any different? It's not a permanent Audi system or anything like Nissan's ATESSA. It seems like it's only a temporary "on-off" that operates for mere seconds as part of their car stability system.
Z Draci said:
It's not a permanent Audi system or anything like Nissan's ATESSA.
its exactly like attessa where it is rwd until the rear wheels lose grip
goddammit.....i seriously am mad about this. its alright if they are just putting this into the Quattroporte or the other Maseratis, but why ruin the 612 and other such cars?
Great news!

More grip is always good, I don't want to be to conservative about this. It's just
a part of a natural evolution. People have been angry through all history when
something old and familiar is suddenly updated, give it five years and I bet most
of you will have forgotten even being against it. Perhaps.
hanasand said:
I would say no if somebody offered me an Enzo AWD, how cool is that?
exactly! who would want an AWD enzo??? or AWD F40 or F50 for that matter?
hanasand said:
I would, I meant to type that I wouldN'T say no. It would just be an enzo with
more grip. I don't care if Ferrari's usual have rwd, it's not unethical like NOS or something
you know that if the AWD isnt done just right, they'll be understeer. not to mention the fact that the Enzo is made to be RWD. Its like saying that a FWD enzo is good because you get more control in the rain. :bangin: