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Lexus? Oh shi-
May 26, 2005
Does anyone watch this game show on a regular basis?

Thanks to Top Gear and Final Gear I've obviously been exposed to a lot of British TV, which I otherwise never would have heard of. Out of all of them which I've seen at least parts of, QI is the one that I've become a real fan of.

I've gotten the entire first and third series and will get the second soon. So is anyone else a fan? Is it even popular in England/Europe? What foreign shows have you been exposed to because of Final Gear?
Yup, love this show and try to catch it whenever I can!
I don't think it's too popular here - at least I don't know many other people who watch it regularly, but I do know that my old work supervisor does as he recommended it to me! :)

There's actually little advertising for this show, with probably doesn't help...
I never tend to miss it (or if I can't watch, I record it)
It's a great piece of infotainment.
Yeah a big fan, the sole reason for my Unova account nowadays...
It's cool, Fry is a great actor/presenter/writer and this is a cool show for him. Bill Bailey is always good fun when he's on (dunno if he's a regular like with Buzzcocks).
Can anyone tell me where to get the new episodes?

My UKNova account seems to have been disabled as I hadn't logged on since the previous series of QI.
Yeah, also a regular watcher. Great piece of entertainment.
That's great for you guys... can't anyone help poor old me? :(
I guess you must have a penchant for middle-aged gay dudes and frizzy-haired clowns to like it.
have you serched youtube? last time i checked there was alot of episdoes uploaded there
<3 BitMeTV.org
I guess you must have a penchant for middle-aged gay dudes and frizzy-haired clowns to like it.

So, that'll be Clarkson and May then.

In all seriousness, you probably have to be a bit of a nerd to enjoy it, or more than a bit to fully enjoy it. Clarkson mentioned in one of his columns how it's one of the most-watched programs in the UK, beating various plebe-shows. I love it, and I'd add Dara O'Briain to that list of must-watch QI guests. His HIGNFY takeoff Mock The Week is also brilliant, but that's a threadjack I don't feel like continuing.
Last week I watched it and I have to say I found it pretty boring.


How can you find it boring, it is the greatest quiz show ever and the best thing on TV save Top Gear. They are the only two shows that I really am bothered about if I miss.