Queen Elizabeth II has died


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Jul 12, 2010
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That doesn’t sound good, but she is 96, and that’s a pretty good innings.
At the start of the year I wondered if she would live to see her platinum jubilee, it would've been very sad if she hadn't. Very glad that she did and yeah 96 is a fair bit longer than any of my family have ever lived, a good innings indeed.
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It was very strange and...fun is not completely the correct word I'm afraid...to speak about her passing as it happened on Telegram. As someone at least 3000 miles from the closest British territory, I guess I was rather surprised at my interest about these news. Then again, it all started to make sense when I realized that it wasn't just me but almost the entirety of the human population (including everyone who now has to prepare for the funeral and the coronation and what should we do about the royals) that cannot conceive a world where she isn't the Sovereign. That between it and the US have presented a "world" so much better than the one I live in certainly helps

I guess it doesn't help that we don't have anyone nearly as stable or well-regarded on the collective landscape locally. Anyway, crazy week for the UK, they better get used to it quickly because the next year or so will be weird.

The second Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926, and has reigned over Britain since 1952. She was six weeks older than Marilyn Monroe, three years older than Anne Frank, nine years older than Elvis Presley—all figures of the unreachable past. She was older than nylon, Scotch tape, and The Hobbit. She was old enough to have trained as an army driver and mechanic in the last months of the Second World War. Very few Britons can remember life without her: Fewer than 150,000 people are older than 95 in this country. She reigned so long that even her voice changed: The aristocratic vowels of the early 20th century—“lawst” for “lost,” “femileh” for “family”—gave way to a softer, less ostentatious accent. During the pandemic, she took to fulfilling royal engagements over Zoom.

The world changed.
Rest In Peace Ma'am.

The world will be a different place whithout her, colder, less colourfull.
She never touched my life personaly, but I love Great Britain, and I feel it would just not have been the fantastic place it is whithout her, God's speed Lizzy, God's speed.

Btw she was a mechanic, hated bullshit, liked dogs, and was an avid believer in going to war on people who stepped out of line.....I think we would have gotten along famously.
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