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Question about FTP.


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May 29, 2004
Hey guys, I have this webspace thing or whatever I got with my provider.

Now I think I have an FTP, cause I can log on with WS-FTP and I can upload stuff to it, but my question, how can I give someone else an account for my FTP? Is my FTP limited to users with the same provider?

One guy from www.burnout.com.br has an FTP and I had to upload my rallypics to that site, and he gave me an account for his FTP.

If someone has to use my account, they know my password and can get free internet and read my emails...

As you can see I don't know nothing about computers...so please be gentle...

If its the space given to you by your provider, then I'm sure theres only one account that can access it.
They setup the ftp server, and they control all access to it.
If were talking about a proffessional website, you can maybe change that. But if its a simple internet account, then i doubt it.

Now, what you can do is setup a ftp server on your home computer, you can change that to what ever your needs are. Make different accounts with different levels of access.
But thats going to be limited to your conection speeds.

Have a look on google for some tutorials on how to do this.
Hey thanks bigfoot! I think this is enough to dump some schoolwork for my project so every projectmember can grab it :)