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Question Does Top Gear come on BBC World


Mar 10, 2004
I wanted to know if Top Gear comes on BBC world . it used to come b4 (abt 2 yrs ago) . i used to watch it in inida. i have been out of india for two yrs and so wanted to know if they still show it and what time. Why can't they show top gear on bbc america.

please reply
I believe they cut it into 2 parts and show each part at different times or something like that.
Yeah, I read that half-hour eps of Top Gear returns to BBC World sometime in June.

Top Gear is not shown on BBC Canada as well.
Well...it will show on BBC world and they will cut out parts that are relevant only to the UK.
Oh my thanks for the info guys. Here in Malaysia ( Similiar BBC ) the top gear episodes are split into Parts and it's only half an hour. They only show car reviews, that means, no hypnotising, no nuns in monster trucks, no toyota pickup. Always after the show, they cut to the end and we see cars which they never reviewed in that half hour. Can't wait till june!
Top Gear returns in July with a brand new series presented by Jeremy Clarkson. Throughout the series celebrity guests, industry experts, racing drivers and car enthusiasts come together to give their opinion on new cars. The programmes will feature everything the car fan needs to know about today?s motoring industry. Alongside Jeremy, the other regular presenters include James May and Richard Hammond.

So if you like to wait till July 4th, you'll be rewarded with the new series :)

e: (on BBC World)
or you could just come here and see them a few days after us Brits. I highly doubt ppl here will be able to hold out for 4/7/04 + 3 weeks to see the next one.