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Sep 12, 2004
OK, this is WAYYY of topic but here goes...

A friend of mine asked me last weekend why are daffy duck and donald duck both ducks when clearly they are different spieces of animals?? This has been REALLY bugging me ever since, consulted the aid of a good dictionary and both species according to it are called duck?!?!?! WHYYYYY??

Does the english language really not have separate words for these very common different species, or is this some weird thing were both are actually "officially" the same species even thought they look different (and other languages have different names for them)

Can some one out there explain his to me?
I don't really get what you mean. Do you mean Duck and Goose ?
I've did a little research and white ducks do exist. Take a look.
Jostyrostelli said:
Huh, they're not real...

And as far as I know, real ducks don't wear shirts either.


LOL, well DAHHH.

If you go to your local pond you can find two different looking birds and I cannot accept that I would have to call them both ducks, that's just plain wrong :D
Nope Goose is a diferent animal all together... maybe I am alone with this problem.

in the finninsh language we have two different species:

Ankka = Duck??
Sorsa = Duck (this is the one in majority in Swek's lovely photo)

This could be what's been messing my brain lately. I dunno, I have no clue about biology so maybe people in finland just call white ducks with a different name and ths piece of information as escaped me (perhaps I was away during that class in school :lol: ) NOTE all you minors, stay in school! this will enable you to avoid moments of bewilderment like this!
I've just translated ankka into German, guess what ? It's a duck. :lol:
Yeah... furiating.

And I wasn't able to find a singe picture of an "ankka" in the WHOOOOLE if the interweb (well I just googled it nothing more, but still). I'll send an e-mail to the finnish birdwatchers society and bug them with this thing.
hmm... I've never thought of that... DAMN, this thing is gonna have me thinking the whole night again :lol:
They're all ducks but there are different types of duck. I'm not up on my duck types so i will give different examples.

Tigers: Bengal, Siberian (I think there might be more but i'm not sure).

Elephants: Indian, African

Kangaroos: Grey, Red

While people justsay Tiger, Elephant, Kangaroo they do have specific names. Hope this helps your understanding a bit.
Look at it this way....there are many different types, shapes and sizes of cats. they all are different but are all cats.

Same story with dogs....

And the same applies to ducks, you have different colours, and types of ducks....Daffy is a black duck, Donald is white....

Heres a similarity between the two : "Both are superstars"
OK, so it's just my own stupid language that's throwing me off here...
muumipeikko said:
If you go to your local pond you can find two different looking birds and I cannot accept that I would have to call them both ducks, that's just plain wrong :D



so you wouldn't call these 2 animals dogs? would you :p

all animals come in several varieties

and in many colors :)
^^ ehm, no

The top one I would call: "One ugly muthafu*** with way too thin skin" and the bottom one would be: "jolly, hairy thingamajingy"
he does look inviting :lol:

i am sure gonna get a dog looking like that.
that one is a pitbull, but there's a lot of hussle around those dogs around here, so a boxer or a bulldog are more likely

(a friend of mine has a pitbull and an argentinian (sp:s) dog, you should see that beast, SO BIG!)
When we lived in the country we had a big German Shepard and Rotweiller (sp.), they were fun to play with. I wouldn't want a dog that had to live inside or be tied up though.