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quick and easy... redirect question


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Nov 12, 2004
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This should be easy, but I don't know how to do it:

So far I had 4images (pic gallery system) on my site in the base dir. Now I installed wordpress, and therefore had to move 4images to a 4images dir.
I installed wordpress in the blog dir.
obviously, when you access www.bubapics.de you get nowhere. Is there anyway to redirect everybody to the blog dir right away?

And I put it in a index.html file?


//Edit: Just tried it, and it works, so thanks a lot!!!

:) I edited it while you posted...
Well, since you've got your answer, let's go OT. I've always wondered, but kept forgetting to ask, how do you pronounce you nick? It's not "buh-buh" is it? :unsure:
Well, then lets go OT... My name is Bastian, and while I was in the USA for 5 weeks 5 years ago, the guy I stayed with (pretty crazy dude...) started calling me Bustabass out of no obvious reason (well, I looked older than I was and bought lots of beer for us..)
In some Forums I'm registered with that name as well...

And then at some point on a LAN, Bustabass didn't fit in the nick slot, and I went with Buba -> BUstaBAss

And then I made a webpage for my ex GF who was in Australia. After we broke up (actually, she did :-( ) I started to do this little party pic thing, and sicne then I'm Buba.

And you pronounce it "buh-bah" Or simply Buba ;-)

Well, I just reread your post, and all you wanted to know is, how to pronounce it... Anyway, there you have it ... :lol:

^ because he is German ;). I have no problems with his site. I understand everything...:lol:
^ :lol:

And thanks for the explaination Buba! :w00t:
You're welcome. And since I started the BLOG yesterday, you really don't miss out much.
And if you want to check the pics, you can always go to http://www.bubapics.de/4images

:mrgreen: Buba