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Quick Question, Ring Taxi

wow awesome link! I was looking for sth like this, I wanted to know about mods/how many laps with each tire set, thanks! :thumbsup:
"The Ring Taxis (there are two) are V10 BMW M5s with modified suspension and brakes, one of them driven by Sabine Schmitz (formerly Sabine Reck)"

So, she married... Hopefully the other threads concerning her hotness can be buried now ;-)

Do not underestimate the effect of burning tissue paper. Everything wil be smokeing!

I see i have a opening wednesday, one of my clients just canceled due to something or another. And i think I could just squeese u in.

But due to my intensively popular schedual at the ring I might have to let the other driver take u.

But I'll try my best, cause you are my friend, and friends deserve good deals.
Yep, it is... They are getting new cars every year, and they don't make the E39 M5 anymore... Bad thing about it it, you will have 20-30 sec less fun ;-)

Hmmm... - link doesn't seem to work for me - I think you guys broke it:

"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later."
Damn, I got that too <_<
Haha, don't tell me that we're actually Slashdotting websites now...
We'll have to come up with our own name. :D Slashdot has their 'Slashdotting' and Penny-Arcade has their "wanged". :p