Quick! What do I eat while watching Top Gear 12x02? :P

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Jun 23, 2006
Canadaland :)
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I usually like to have a nice meal while I watch a new episode of Top Gear. But, I live in a dinky town and all the places are closed.

What can I make that's quick, easy and really good?

I like meat, pasta, meat, meat, meat and pasta. But I had spaghetti for lunch, so that's out.
Meat salt and peppered then broiled... use the drippings + flour = roux + pasta water to make some form of gravy/sauce

side of pasta with butter salt and fresh ground black pepper....

EDIT: you can use other flavoring things in the gravy (flat beer, wine, Stock) intead of the pasta water if you want.
cut up meat into chunks
season (or marinade for a bit)
Stirfry meat in pan (with some veggies if you have them)
deglaze pan with liquid (pasta water, 1/1 ratio marinade and water, Dry Vermouth)
mix pasta with butter fresh pepper salt and cooked meat (and veggies if you had some)
pour sauce over the top...