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race of the year....may the best driver win?


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Jan 5, 2004
It's gonna be interesting. I seriously don't know who will win, but I suspect the NASCAR guys will be the most "fish out of water".
On the website that p0w3r posted, it looks like all previous winners were WRC drivers:

Year  Where           Winner                 Nations' Cup
2003  Canary Islands  Sebastien Loeb         All Stars (C. Da Matta/G.Panizzi/F. Nieto)
2002  Canary Islands  Marcus Gronholm        USA (J.Gordon/J.Johnson/C. Edwards)
2001  Canary Islands  Harri Rovanpera (F)    Spain (J.puras/F.Alonso/R.Xaus)
2000  Canary Islands  Tommi M?kinen (SF)     France (G. Panizzi/Y. Muller/ R.Laconi)
1999  Canary Islands  Didier Auriol (FR)     Finland (T. M?kinen/JJ Lehto/K. Tiainen)
1998  Canary Islands  Colin McRae (GB)
1997  Canary Islands  Carlos Sainz (E)
1996  Canary Islands  Didier Auriol (FR)
1995  Canary Islands  Fran?ois Delecour (FR)
1994  Canary Islands  Didier Auriol (FR)
1993  Canary Islands  Didier Auriol (FR)
1992  Canary Islands  Andrea Aghini (I)
1991  Madrid          Juha Kankkunen (SF)
1990  Barcelona       Stig Blomqvist (S)
1989  Nurburgring     Stig Blomqvist (S)
1988  Monthl?ry       Juha Kankkunen (SF)
This has been done before? Sweet, I want video coverage! :D
unless someone records this one im not sure we'll get coverage. :|
the fact of the matter is that no F1 guy, esp schoomy will risk crashing, so he's
gonna go nice n slow me thinks