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Racially motivated attacks in Australia

Doing their part in the war on terror I see.

Yep one of my favourite beaches appears to be a warzone.

I saw some fairly sad footage last night of an Arab man people pelted by rocks, bottles etc...It was him against a group of about 2000. One copper was trying desperatly to lead him to his copcar but he too became under attack.

I'm dissapointed with the way things were handled but I think it would be appropriate if I explain why people were so pissed from an Aussie persepective:

For dog-years, Cronulla beach has been home to surfing, sunbathing, sand, BBQ's and good Aussie times. And then about a week ago these "ethnics" start doing what they do in the backstreets while they are high, ON THE BEACH. They bash voulenteer-surf-lifesavers for no reason what so ever at night time. For the next week, Cronulla Beach was empty and people were scared to go there. All because some dickheads who can't sort themselves out make an unprovoked attack on public servants.

This naturally has outraged the Aussie public. If we can't have our beach, what can we have? I can't condone the way they acted though. Its given the nation a racist image and like someone pointed out, it isn't going assist the war on terror.

Hope I didn't offend anyone. The "ethnics" are just no-good people who come from other countries with bad intensions. NOT a generalisation for Arabs cos thats not fair.

I'm curious - Has this reached world headlines at all?
Yep, saw a brief report about that in the news a few hours ago! (Well, speaking not for the world but for Germany)
It seems that attacks are spreading, and both "sides" seem to be engaging in similar attacks.

As the crowd marched along the beach and foreshore area, waving Australian and White Nationalist flags, the crowd chanted racist slogans. Many of the crowd had adorned their bodies with racist slogans.
Middle Eastern men were assaulted and a young Muslim woman wearing a veil was chased into a kiosk on Cronulla beach. Police tried to get her away from the chanting crowd but were unable to reach the security of the command post. While the woman and police officers hid in the kiosk, a crowd surrounded the kiosk and shouted "Kill the Lebs", while others climbed on top of the kiosk.

^I'm not sure if you should trust Wikinews..

I'v heard from people that there will be another "gathering" next sunday on the beach..
SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! said:
astroboymoto said:
This kind of thing is usually pretty exclusive to Sydney, I think. :bangin:
What do you mean by that?
John Howard is a Sydney man, nuff said. :p

Melbourne is like "little Europe", Sydney is like "little America" in terms of people's attitudes at least.