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Rally Gallardo :O


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Oct 4, 2004
Damn, i might be wrong but this appears to me as a rally car :shock:

Scroll down HERE to the middle-bottom of the page to see all the rally gallardo pics.


^ pfff, i read the posts there to find out what it was but must have overseen that :wall:
Those Ozzies are crazy, but they know how to have fun... :lol: :thumbsup:
oohhh nooooooo !!!
they have gone out of the road with such a car ! :cry: :thumbsdown:

Even if it's the lower price lambo, I don't like to see a car that I cannot buy crashed like that.

quite cool to see this airbound :)
that's AWESOME :shock:
Maybee Lamborgini could get some ideas from that :lol: (hey one can dream rite? ;) )
the porsche 959 story :D

that damage isnt extensive, its an easy fix if they can affoard it. if i was them i'd make molds of the body and keep on making fiberglass bodies to destroy like race teams always do.
Looks like some education is in order for the overseas bunch here :p

That car was used in the Targa Tasmania, the most famous tarmc rally in Australia. It's staged, as the name suggests, in Tasmania and starts in the north (Launceston) and finishes in the south (Hobart).

Basically, there's all sorts of categories and that Lambo would have been in the top one, competing against the likes of Ferraris, Porsche's, Mercs, BMW's and the like... There's even a Holden Monaro that competes.

It's not surprising to see it crashed like that, happens every year because there are so many stages based in the mountains, 2 lane roads winding around, hairpins with massive drops off the side at break-neck speeds...

So although not a true rally Lambo, it would certainly have been tweaked so it could race.
but why would they use Gallardo's for rally?... the Murcielago is 4wd and should perform better on dirt surfaces :D
^Because it's a tarmac rally, pretty much no dirt at all!
Click Here! for high resolution images from the official site of the even. always look at "High resolution images for media reproduction" ;)

watto is right though.if u look at the site you'll see porsches, skyline and stuff
fbc said:
andyhui01 said:
but why would they use Gallardo's for rally?... the Murcielago is 4wd and should perform better on dirt surfaces :D

Gallardo is awd

I noticed that. More, the Gallardo only occupies one lane, instead of one and a half, as the Murcielago... :twisted:
You should have asked for videos before, as I live in launceston Targa tasmania is in my backyard, so I can head out to watch it each year when I have the time 8)

I've got a mate who has most of the DVD's of targa tasmania, might have to borrow some, if I can get it working on my computer again :?