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Rallye of Sweden

Go Low

Aug 8, 2004
Germany - Hamburg
Ok, this is for starters, I'm pretty busy with studying at the moment, more pictures to come in the next days or so (also some better ones, promise :| )

Lucky sob. :(
Awesome pictures :) :thumbsup:
Daniel said:
^You shouldnt think that until u have felt the temperature over here. Standing out all day watching a Rally is unbelieveably cold. :)
But so totally worth it...

BTW - how cold?
Actually it wasn't too cold. Normally Sweden is supposed to be a snow rallye, but there was not enough snow this time. Temperatures were a couple of ?C below freezing point, so if you have warm clothes, no problem at all. Just my fingers got cold, since I was taking pictures :)
great stuff, thanks for posting these :)
Ok, here are some more. It was already dark outside, photoshop brought back some details, I tried to find the right amount of brightness, though I am not very good with this, I guess :|
And just by the way, because it was so dark I took the pictures with ISO 1600, that's why there is so much noise. Even with ISO 1600 the shutter speed was sometimes not short enough, so there is also some blurriness. :( But at least you can see which car it was:

I like the blurriness of it ;) It gives the pictures some mood. 8)