Random motorsport videos

goosebumps! (and loving HD!)
what to do on francorshamps when the radillon is covered in snow?
descent it!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Lada WTCC Team...

...in qualifying...
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nice, very professional!

Robert Consani and Maxime Vilmot escaped from fire on FIA ERC Geko Ypres Rally 2014

"Thanks to all the Marshalls and drivers who stopped helped us today, we owe you one guys", said Robert Consani.

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isn't it mandatory to have a fire suppression system on those cars??
isn't it mandatory to have a fire suppression system on those cars??

They do. Switch inside and outside cockpit, plus two hand held extinguishers.

Looks like a fuel leak

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if i were on that slope, i would've felt safe :blink:
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Robin Miller on participating in the Cannonball Run
Some BMW racing stuff:

Dat F1 turbo engine in the Brabham BT52... They don't spit flames like that anymore.
First time at Spa over the weekend. What an incredible circuit. Here's an onboard of pretty much the only vaguely clear lap I got!


And here's a heroic LaFerrari owner who also did his best to keep up in the wet on Saturday! Genuinely phenomenal to be chased by a 900bhp hypercar in the wet!

I've already seen your video on YouTube because I'm subscribed, really great! :)

Also, the latter video's channel is worth checking out, I've been following it for a while now, really cool onboard videos.