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Full lap of the 24h layout of the Nurburgring on board Marc VDS Z4:

maybe the nurburgring should place fencing like they use in nascar, those seem to work!! :eek:

PSA: Watching rally can be scary and dangerous. :shock:

Youtube comment are usually a showcase of the worst human stupidity, but sometimes, just sometimes, you can find some gems, such as this one:

ez FxS said:
A moment of silence for the Predator killed by the rally car at 0:16.

I somehow doubt that's FIA endorsed... :D
Goodwood 74 Members Meeting

Check out the marshals on the bank at 25s :blink:

Car landed about here, at the tunnel

Driver had a broken collar bone!
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F3 Oulton Park 2016
Driver was ok...

Published on 29 May 2016

Go onboard firstly with SWR's Thomas Maxwell to get his view of Ameya Vaidyanathan's huge airborne crash at Oulton Park, then go onboard with Vaidyanathan himself as he goes for a wild ride following contact with Sisa Ngebulana.

Vaidyanathan was uninjured in the accident; a testament to the strength of the Tatuus-Cosworth BRDC British F3 car.
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Let's revive this old thread boys! :D
I had the great chance to race at Spa and also finish on the podium earlier this year, here's an onboard part of the lap with me in the E90 BMW 325i Clubsport Trophy racecar.
Seeing the back of that Alfa was painful but that was great racing.

Damn, it would have been awesome to tourist-drive the track when it was like that!

@Galantti and I sort of did that when the M440's navigation put us on the Suedschleife and then getting told off by the park ranger guy.
When you have the fastest car during rush hour in Germany.

Overtaking on the outside line in the Karussell.... okay. :D (Yes, it was on the entry and I assume the other car just stayed out of the way after that.)