Random motorsport videos

800bhp 6R4 anyone?

Holy crap, they were racing in open prototypes on public roads which were open to the public, overtaking plodding saloon cars, dodging tractors and what not... :blink:

Arguably the best 4 laps of MotoGP

That was a great battle, we were cheering on the edge of our seats when we watched it.
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They work if you click the "Watch on YouTube" link.
FIA Hilclimb Masters 2021 Top Three
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Not surprised for a minute that they were Brits and there was a Rover. Complete lunatics though.

Apparently I've driven past that place and didn't realise, I wouldn't stop because I think I'd get tetanus just standing outside.

When I was on my roadtrip the other week I went past this chaos too, on the same day. It was a recommended video.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVenja_Yekg