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Supposedly, this Cruze is the only victim.

Bogan Cootamundra drag race :ROFLMAO::love:
This pinned comment explains what happened at the end

Jake Myers Owner of the S1CKO Mustang here ! Hope Everyone loved This Vs That Episode. Big shout out to the Keep It Reet Boyz we had a blast sending it along side the almighty Aussie Au Falcon. For everyone asking here is the aftermath of the damage to the car! It had shredded a tyre mid 360 on the thrash pad area, the gash in the ground was filled in within the next few hours thankfully!! I was very sorry and felt bad that I had damaged the asphalt very lucky no one was hurt. It wasn’t on the air strip it self so did not interfere with any other races thankfully. There was more damage to S1CKO then we thought from first glance the impact from the rim had snapped the centre out of the rim and bent the axle housing end on the diff from impact and bent the axle it self. Bent the track locating bar on the diff to 4link and cracked the strut top from the impact coming back down from about a meter up on drivers side wild ride that’s for sure and it definitely was not scripted.
My self I was pretty shaken up after hitting my head on the roller cage wasn’t sure what was going on and I had pain in my back straight away had to get a MRI And found out I got a L5/S1 central annular fissure tear on my vertebrae. It will heal over time but hey the joys of race cars I’m all good now and ready to smoke some more tires S1CKO USA Tour coming soon here we come USA 🇺🇸

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIzTUxFIyp4
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