Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

So shouldn't all of the clone troopers only give a wilhelm scream?
Ugh...Leslie Jones as a temp host of The Daily Show.
I've been following the development of the Knight Rider 40th Anniversay Edition on Blu-ray.com for years now, it's a tab that has been open on Chrome iOS since about 2020. I clicked it by mistake today and found that the collection had been released at the end of last year. So, I ordered it before the limited run is sold out.


There has been a UK Blu-ray Knight Rider collection for a few years, the price has steadily been dropping from over £100. The new collection is, er, £200 including tax and shipping (217 Euros), ordered from Turbine.de as it's a German release primarily. It's a little silly but I've been waiting for years and I don't believe there will be a better version of original Knight Rider released. I don't currently have HD versions to watch and there are no digital versions of Team Knight Rider, a spin-off I remember watching as a kid.

So yeah, a dumb purchase maybe but one I'm sure I will be very happy with.
The lead actor from Birdemic: Shock and Terror sells autographed coat-hangers from his merch page on his website.

An actual scene from the movie:

Reserved seating just started here in the past few years in the larger chains, and I've been wanting that since the 90s.
It's not the assigned seats it's the variable pricing inside the same theater which is different
It's not the assigned seats it's the variable pricing inside the same theater which is different
Right, but I guess I was saying that the reserved seating would seem like it would come first, well before pricing tiers, and we just got that assigned seats pretty recently.
From the sound of it from AMC it's zoned where front three rows will be the "cheaper" same price and upper will be variable.
The front few rows are usually a bit cheaper. Because you pay additionally by having a stiff neck. :D
Assigned seats I support 100%
Different prices, no.
The secret is to pay the cheap price, then go the more expensive rows anyway because the theatre is nearly empty and no one cares.
James Cordon's show is going away, and may not even come back with a different host. Instead, Stephen Colbert's production company is producing an @Midnight reboot.

I hope they don't fuck it up. I really really miss that show, but I wonder what the overall focus will be. The original show reveled in nerd-dom. I am not sure I see a major network show being sustainable with a relatively niche audience. So while I'd still enjoy a show that showcased so many comedians and comedy writers (and the occasional Muppet...although I guess Fozzie Bear is a stand up comedian, so I guess that still tracks), I hope it doesn't turn too pop-culture-based.
So, I almost didn't watch the trailer, because I had seen a few stills, and I was just going to load up the trailer to get the URL to sent it to my mom, who loves dogs and what I thought this sort of movie was (talking dogs, kids movies, maybe something like Milo and Otis).

I almost stopped it after the first few seconds, but left it run in the background...and had to go back to it once I heard Will Forte's opening line, rewind it, and actually watch it...and it kept getting funnier. I literally (the correct use of the word) laughed out loud (not "lol" but real actual laughter). Especially that last goddamn scene. 🤣

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UZsVeWD--I