Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

Well, that will end my subscription to Prime. I won't pay for streaming with ads - you can show me ads or charge me, not both.
I currently use a Fire Stick, where the interface is already, like, 40% ads. Hulu just went up $3, and we use that more, so this may be the impetus for us to drop Prime.
They're trying the cable business model.

They're soon to discover that that's not gonna work tremendously well with choices galore.
I currently use a Fire Stick, where the interface is already, like, 40% ads. Hulu just went up $3, and we use that more, so this may be the impetus for us to drop Prime.
Problem is that it's the same for almost all streaming services, like they're all thinking "Oh, if Netflix/Disney+/... can get away with it, we probably can too."
I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the renewal for Disney+ when looking at my Paypal transactions: 90euro, 3years ago I payed 60euro for a year.
When you start adding up all the "small price increases" it's just getting ridiculous. And half of the time when you want to watch a specific movie you're out of luck anyway 'cause it's not available on said streaming service or your region (there are simple solutions for the last part off course).
It took no time at all to get used to Corvo's new voice (Solar Opposites). I think going a different direction for that character made sense.

I'm more hesitant over the new "Rick and Morty" voices, where they cast sound-alikes.
At yesterday's pub quiz, one category of questions was songs, as usual. Listen to a fragment and guess which song it is.
This time, it was film music themed, so you could get 2 points for each song: 1 for the title of the film and 1 for the name of the composer.
Because we were totally clueless about the latter mostly, we just put down "Hans Zimmer" for like 7 out of 10 songs. It was correct 3 times. :D :)
Have you ever wondered what that piece of furniture was in Star Trek?

I love nerdy furniture stuff like that. I've actually supplied many of those same chairs for clients, so that was fun to scroll through. The couple I thought of to check, because "Oh, surely they've used these...", like the Interstuhl Silver and the Panton, were all on there. :)

One other chair you used to see a lot, not so much in sci-fi though, was the Allsteel 19 chair. I used to work for an Allsteel dealer, and had clients with that chair.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3HwyOpYDkE
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The funding campaign for Mystery Science Theater 14 has started, in case anyone was interested:

Some time next week they will start revealing the movies they've cleared so far for the new season.

Thankfully this time they've shrunk down the menu of backer rewards. Last time was waaaay too many rewards. Like...the Cheesecake Factory Menu of merch. They had shipping cost challenges with the last one, and you can tell they only chose items this time that can be shipped flat-pack. 😅

As an unemployed full-time student, I'm not in a place to back it, so I'm doing my part to spread the word, just in case.
Ooh, kinda excited about "After Midnight", a show that will come on after Stephen Colbert's Late Show. Supposedly in the spirit of @Midnight (a favorite show of mine from a few years ago), hosted by stand-up comedian Taylor Tomlinson. She's got great crowd-work, so I think after she gets used to the gig, I think she'll be great.
Did everyone hear that Rockstar made an announcement about GTA6? There will be an actual announcement December 6th. 🤣
I, for no reason I can think of, randomly thought about a star of a TV show from 23 years ago, the "winner" of the 2000 reality TV show, "Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire?".

You watch the wrong shows.