Random Thoughts [Home Improvement/Decorating Edition]

^ As long as she doesn't know what's down there then it's OK. :lol:

And your place looks at least twice the size of Joe's. Then again you don't want to see the 4 bedroom ?800k average place of round me. :p

I don't go down there...it's terrifying. :p

And I only paid $79,900 for my place. With a full backyard and 2 car garage. :)
^ And what's the backyard full of...? :p When was this that you bought this place? I can't imagine it'd be in the past 5 years at that price. :)
Detroit is still better then Cleveland.
I took over the attic from my brother when he moved out some months ago and refurnished it completely, since he only left the sofa behind and I didn't have a lot of furniture in my old room since it was so small. And now I could finally bother to clean up a bit and take some pictures. Also got the last item I was missing yesterday, the coffee table.

And this is the view from the big window on the south side. North side is out to the street and not quite as nice a view.

Overall I'm quite pleased with how it came out overall. :)
It's a bit sad that you can't really see the closet most of the time though, because I really love the look of the smoked glass doors.
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If you could, I'd really like some pictures. It's certainly a great deal nicer than the line of hooks currently at home.

Here we go, VW key as size reference:

The groove on the top is great for putting non-key stuff in.

Two fairly universal mounting points.

In my case both key slots are the same thickness. If I were to make one myself I'd make one slot a bit thicker than that and one a bit thinner. As it is now, I can't fit my grandma-emergency key because it's too thick. In case of key rings with several different keys you can always find one that fits of course :nod:

Cross-posted action shot:

Worth bumping this thread, for anyone who's had to deal with these ceilings:

That's one heck of an efficient method, although I've never heard of a 'popcorn' ceiling before and my first thought was that he should put a lid on his popcorn next time...


I wonder if that would work on normal wallpaper...
I wonder if that would work on normal wallpaper...

I think that would clog up the shopvac, if you could put a small shredder in the systhem though.... :think:
See, I'd be worried about finding the stuff is made out of asbestos or something...

In that case surely sucking the dust up directly with a machine that has filters is the best thing if that's going to happen.
That vac does not have the proper filters for asbestos. That stuff is not made from asbestos though.
Shallow grave, construction workers, blah!

After Jules moved in we slacked a bit on finishing the apartment, making it truly ours, since work and life and stuff came in the way. But as we now got two fluffballs hell-bent on destruction as new roomates we had to finish the place!

So, apart from the living room seen below, we but a curtain across the guest bedroom to make up for the lack of a real storage space, erected additional shelves to provide space, ordered a screen print from the first concert we attended together for the bedroom wall, it all is coming together nicely...

And because Jules is blocking the view, here's a bonus (pre-cat) shot of the shelves:
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Have you done some dusting as well?

Finally mitigated the stupidity of having a white sofa with cats.
So I replaced the second ceiling fan in my house. They’re the same, but it’s the same room with the same theme so why not? I really like the lights in cage fan style.

Here is what I had before, feast upon the late 90s early 2000s beauty! I also could not run this fan on anything but high because medium or low meant you heard this *tick* noise and the lights would flicker.


After! Feast upon the #lifestyle modernism!

And here’s what is over the dinner table that’s currently a catch all. I changed it a few weeks ago, that was weird because the old fan was held on by a hook

all in all, it was worth it. My muscles are sore from holding a fan up while attaching wires for 30 minutes at a time before walking away out of frustration when things didn’t fit well.

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My granny had a very similar fan to the original in her bungalow, we did at least fit LED filament bulbs. These new fans look fantastic, really liking the style. Now standardise your lamps, for @Redliner if for nobody else.

Related to DIY, Adam Savage has been making a lot of build videos for the Tested channel during lockdown and I'm convinced that he's losing his mind, he turned his anger to an innocent work table this time. I did a little project too that I could post, not so much of an improvement it turns out but a DIY project all the same. Tomorrow, it's 2:35am now...
Looks great @93Flareside ! I'm a sucker for the warmer lights. Lighting is a major change!
Now standardise your lamps, for @Redliner if for nobody else.


Also, I wasn't aware we had this thread.