Random Thoughts... (Motorsports Edition)

INdy car at the Baltimore Grand Prix Labor day weekend. I was in teh stands and it was GREAT! Simona De Silvestri said "thsi could be our Monaco."



Also on saturday was an ALMS race there, as the lead in to the Indy race...


Good stuff!

the one and only karun chanduck :lol:


anyone else thinks this is awesome? i want! :p
I give you all the chance to live the Bathurst 1000 through me... My entry was complete crap and I really don't know how I got in the Top 20... But you have one shot, one opportunity to cast your vote for H Watson. Winning will get me a 4 day media pass to work on Social media for V8 Supercars Corporation. I'm a bogan deep down, I would love this opportunity, thanks in advance :)

Vote for me here - H Watson
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I hadn't seen this picture before. Shows what an unbelievably lucky guy Mike Rockenfeller was to walk away from his monster Le Mans shunt and escape serious injury.

I'm fairly sure that image was posted here during the race. I remember it being posted somewhere before the race ended anyway.

To me it shows more how well the current sports prototypes are designed and built as far as safety goes. Everything in that car is destroyed apart from the safety cell which is perfectly intact and which kept Rocky safe. Obviously there was luck involved as well.
Think I've actually posted it myself in high-res either on Sunday race day or on the week after the race. And the image with the link you've posted must be coming from a post on Autosport's forum, which was again by me. :lol:
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He is hotlinking through Mulsanne's Corner. You could have at least rehosted it yourself.
Hmmm ok, after getting to drive a superkart last weekend, I am now very determined to get racing! The idea of getting a loan to cover the initial cost is crossing my mind alot (I keep saying to myself I can afford $50 a week repayment and $50 expenses)... Talk me out of it?
One of the rare times in my life I find myself in agreement with what Mosley says in that full interview.
having just brought a new helmet (bell RS3-k), I'm sitting here in full kit feeling like a race driver. Now if only I had the kart yet....
Nice! What kind of kart are you waiting for?
i realised i'd never read an interview with fangio, so i went on a google search, and i found this: http://bbs.hellof1.com/2413287.html
you should read it...

i loved his views on "modern" F1
"Well, of course I do not see very much racing now. I always watch the grands prix on TV of course, but I seldom attend races. Everything is much more sensitive, much more perfect. A tiny little thing can make you lose. I sometimes feel sorry that the best drivers cannot have a chance to win because they do not have the best car. I think they must find that very frustrating. All the cars have about the same power of course, and now the aerodynamics are terribly important. I think that perhaps the car has become much more important than the driver, which is sad for the great driver whose car will not let him win. But what can you do? You cannot halt progress. Today it seems to me that the designers are more vital than the drivers.

so true!! and then you realise that interview is from 79...