Random Thoughts (Political Edition)


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Sep 6, 2008
Michigan USA
Blind_Io has it right. But I don't think the guy was speeding. That cop would of gave him a ticket for it. I think this was a case of the cop being out in no where and that was the first vehicle to come by in a while, so he pulled him over.


Yes, as in the airport.
Aug 2, 2008
London, UK
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BBC News - Darling tells of 'fundamental disagreements' with Brown

BBC News said:
Alistair Darling has spoken of the "fundamental disagreement" he had with Gordon Brown over key economic policies during the last Labour government.

The ex-chancellor told the BBC he was the victim of "debilitating" attacks by No 10 and accused of "exaggerating" the severity of the 2008 financial crisis.

Mr Darling, whose memoirs are published next week, also claimed Mr Brown had "ignored" the problem of the deficit.

But another colleague said Mr Brown had shown "great leadership" at the time.

Mr Darling served as Mr Brown's chancellor between 2007 and 2010, a period during which tensions between the two men increased markedly.

Wow, so former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was a bullying, incompetant idiot, who ran a government permanently in a state of chaos.

Actually Alistair, we already got the memo on that and why he is no longer PM. But thanks for the extract on your memoirs and good luck with sales.



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Jul 12, 2010
near Cologne
German state politics ahead:

SPD wins Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania vote

The governing centre-left Social Democrats on Sunday trounced Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives in her home state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The SPD now has a choice of coalition partners.

Short summary: This is an extremely welcome election result with one sore spot. Angela Merkel's coalition parties have been well and truly clobbered, with the F.D.P. (junior partner, formerly libertarians, currently an embarrassing neoliberal sideshow) not even rejoining the parliament. The Greens have succeeded in joining the parliament, which now gives them a presence in all 16 state parliaments. The sore spot is the "National-Democratic" Party, the neo-Nazis, who have unfortunately not been thrown out despite significant losses.

All in all, I'm very happy about this result.


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May 26, 2005
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Random thought: Some Nadine Dorries, Tory from Mid Bedfordshire asked mr. Cameron about something during Prime Ministers Question Time. She said something in the direction of "The Liberal Democrats make up 8.7 % of this Parliament [...]".

The random thought is this: The Lib Dems got 22.1 % of the popular support during the last General Election. Time to scrap First Past the Post, perhaps? It is an argument of monumental stupidity from mrs. Dorries.


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May 26, 2005
Tend do walk the 40 meters from my bed to lecture.


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Dec 19, 2005
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UBS concludes that the Euro shouldnt exist

Why consider break-up at all? Break-up occurs because the Euro does not work. Member states would be economically better off if they had never joined. European monetary union was generally mis-sold to the population of the Europe. In the 1990s the Euro was often characterised as an instance of foreign exchange rate integration ? the Exchange Rate Mechanism without the crises. The advantages of no foreign exchange rate uncertainties or costs for trade and tourists were emphasised. Of course the exchange rate integration was probably the least of the consequences of the Euro. The most important consequence was the integration of monetary policy. The hint was in the name ?European Monetary Union?. However, politicians sought to ignore that hint. A Euro that had been promoted on the idea of monetary union rather than exchange rate integration would have been far more difficult to sell to the electorate.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ubs-on-the-euro-breakup-2011-9#ixzz1XHYLxULy



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Mar 29, 2008
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I conclude the ozone hole shouldn't exist.

Yet there it is.

But seriously: The Swiss are currently experiencing, what it can mean to be economically successful while not being part of the Euro zone. The overrating of the Swiss franc demonstrates it clearly. Let's see which target the speculators pick next.


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May 26, 2005
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And we're the other side of that argument. But we're a real petro currency, after all.


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Mar 29, 2008
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So it's been 10 years already...

I still have the chatlog of our IRC channel #sandra from Sept. 11th, 2001. Brings back feelings and memories. I'd like to share it here. Hope nobody's bothered by the length of it. Time index is in middle European time of course. I joined the chat after I got home from work. My nick at the time was Laserman. Consider this a memento:

Session Start: Tue Sep 11 01:03:01 2001
[01:03] *** Now talking in #Sandra
[01:03] <SANDRAnet> Moin Frankie !!! theSFC welcomes Laserman1 from Wilhelmshaven, Germany :) !
*** Larryslug has joined #Sandra
[02:50] <SANDRAnet> Hello Larry !!! theSFC welcomes Larryslug from Madison, Wisconsin, USA :) !
*** PoisonIvy has joined #Sandra
[04:43] <SANDRAnet> Czesc Gosia !!! theSFC welcomes Gosia from St. Louis, MO, USA :) !
*** Ewa has joined #Sandra
[10:18] <SANDRAnet> Hoi Ewa !!! theSFC welcomes Ewa from near Delft, the Netherlands :) !
*** theSFC has joined #Sandra
[11:58] <SANDRAnet> Hoi Arno !!! theSFC welcomes theSFC from The Hague, the Netherlands :) !
*** Mariusz has joined #Sandra
[14:24] <SANDRAnet> Czesc Mariusz !!! theSFC welcomes Mariusz from Gda?sk, Poland :) !
*** Danny-Mac has joined #Sandra
[15:06] <SANDRAnet> Hoi Dan !!! theSFC welcomes Danny-Mac from Gary, Indiana, USA :) !
*** BabyTommy has joined #Sandra
[15:20] <SANDRAnet> Velkommen Tommy !!! theSFC welcomes BabyTommy from Liller?d, Denmark :) !

[15:21] <Danny-Mac> hoi Tommy
[15:21] <BabyTommy> Hoi Danny
[15:21] <BabyTommy> do u see TV now ?
[15:21] <Ewa> hoi tommy, yes! :(((
[15:21] <Danny-Mac> i hear the radio:(((
[15:21] <Danny-Mac> TV not working:(
[15:21] <BabyTommy> awful
[15:22] <BabyTommy> about the 2 planes...many ppl is dead
[15:22] <Danny-Mac> yes:(((
[15:22] <PoisonIvy> hey Tommy =))))
[15:23] <BabyTommy> Hey Gosia...do u see the news ? :((
[15:23] <BabyTommy> 2 planes crashed into some towers
[15:23] <PoisonIvy> wow.. no, i haven't... where at?
[15:23] <Ewa> world trade center tower
[15:23] <BabyTommy> they are allready talking about it's terror
[15:23] <BabyTommy> yes
[15:24] <Danny-Mac> yes
[15:25] <Danny-Mac> BOTH TOWERS:(((
[15:25] <BabyTommy> it's Bin Laden
[15:25] <Ewa> new york
[15:25] <Danny-Mac> bastard:(
[15:26] <Danny-Mac> i'll keep my political comments quiet
[15:26] <Danny-Mac> for fear of offending anyone
[15:26] <PoisonIvy> what kind of planes? private or public?
[15:26] <Danny-Mac> public
[15:26] <PoisonIvy> what company?
[15:26] <Danny-Mac> not sure yet
[15:26] <BabyTommy> there's alot of ppl in the top of tower
[15:26] <PoisonIvy> anybody dead?..
[15:26] <Ewa> boening 737 probably
[15:27] <BabyTommy> many ppl is dead Gosia
[15:27] <BabyTommy> the planes crashed into offices
[15:27] <BabyTommy> where ppl was working
[15:28] <Danny-Mac> :(
[15:29] <PoisonIvy> wow...
[15:30] <PoisonIvy> holy cow!!! it's the twin towers, isn't it??
[15:30] <Danny-Mac> YES!
[15:30] <Ewa> yes
[15:30] <PoisonIvy> i'm watching the news
[15:31] <PoisonIvy> the planes were hijacked... terrorism =(((((
[15:31] <Larryslug> holy sh*t
[15:32] <PoisonIvy> american airlines
[15:32] <PoisonIvy> gosh damn.....
[15:32] <Danny-Mac> :((
[15:32] <PoisonIvy> bush won't let it go just like that.. hopefully
[15:32] <PoisonIvy> scary =((((
[15:33] <PoisonIvy> my gosh.. so many ppl died =(((((
[15:35] <BabyTommy> how many now ?
[15:36] <PoisonIvy> they didnt' say.. but from the look at those towers prolly a lot =(
[15:36] <Danny-Mac> even in Chicago they have been put on alert
[15:36] <Danny-Mac> [08:59] <Danny-Mac> people leaving Sears Tower
[15:36] <Danny-Mac> [09:00] <Danny-Mac> bosses gave option for people to leave if they like
[15:37] <PoisonIvy> wow... they said there's been just some explosion next to pentagon
[15:37] <BabyTommy> the 2 planes was hijacked in Boston and used for this
[15:38] <PoisonIvy> they don't know what it is yet though
[15:38] <Danny-Mac> ooh?
[15:38] <Danny-Mac> jeeez
[15:38] <PoisonIvy> danny, aren't you watching the news?
[15:38] <BabyTommy> a third plane is on the way also
[15:38] <Danny-Mac> i can't
[15:38] <Danny-Mac> TV is in other room
[15:39] <Danny-Mac> and the one in hear doent work
[15:39] <PoisonIvy> oh.. crank it up then
[15:39] <Danny-Mac> *here
[15:39] <Danny-Mac> it's too far away:(
[15:39] <BabyTommy> a terror-org. has taken there guilt for this
[15:39] <Danny-Mac> i have to run back and forth
[15:39] <Danny-Mac> yes
[15:39] <PoisonIvy> oh...
[15:40] <PoisonIvy> they should just find sadam hussein and all other idiots out there and get rid of them
[15:40] <Larryslug> wow
[15:40] <PoisonIvy> they treat them like babies =(((
[15:40] <Danny-Mac> yes gos
[15:40] <Danny-Mac> i agree
[15:40] <Danny-Mac> guerilla forces
[15:40] <PoisonIvy> hopefully bush will do something cuz clinton just did a bunch of talk
[15:40] <Danny-Mac> to "take out the trash"
[15:40] <PoisonIvy> exactly =((((
[15:40] <Larryslug> gotta have that market to sell our weapons :/
[15:40] <Danny-Mac> :((
[15:41] <Danny-Mac> a pity
[15:41] <PoisonIvy> oh yes, there's been an explosion next to pentagon!
[15:41] <PoisonIvy> they're showing it
[15:41] <Danny-Mac> yeah...ooh...we wouldn't want to put those people out of work, now would we?
[15:41] <Larryslug> the heliport at the Pentagon
[15:41] <Danny-Mac> wow
[15:41] <PoisonIvy> exactly, danny=((((((((
[15:41] <Danny-Mac> ]this is going to start some problems!
[15:41] <PoisonIvy> i hope it does =(((
[15:41] <Danny-Mac> they are lucky i'm not president
[15:41] <Danny-Mac> i'd be getting back at those SOBs
[15:42] <Danny-Mac> jeez
[15:42] <PoisonIvy> i would hate the idea of innocent ppl getting hurt too, but damn, they should just bomb the whole country =(
[15:42] <Larryslug> someone found more trouble than they wanted
[15:42] <PoisonIvy> that's a bunch of crap what they're doing =(
[15:42] <Danny-Mac> it's all about them setting a good example gos
[15:43] <Danny-Mac> public relations is even in war!:(
[15:44] <PoisonIvy> at least usa has radars and stuff so we won't be bombed here
[15:45] <PoisonIvy> ah.... my friend is coming from poland next week.. if i think that could have happened to her... she'll be flying from nyc
[15:45] <PoisonIvy> i really hope that won't freak her out.. she's scared of flying as it is =(
[15:45] <Danny-Mac> they finaly found a way to get at us:((
[15:45] <PoisonIvy> on!!! it just happened!! 8:42, 8 minutes ago???
[15:46] <PoisonIvy> i can imagine the hospitals in nyc now... flooded with trauma =)
[15:46] <PoisonIvy> sorry, couldn't help myself.. ehhe
[15:47] <Danny-Mac> that's true Gos
[15:47] <PoisonIvy> white house is evacuated
[15:48] <Danny-Mac> WOWOW
[15:48] <PoisonIvy> oh i bet =)
[15:48] <Danny-Mac> it's been TEN MINUTES!
[15:48] <Danny-Mac> and it's STILL LOADING!
[15:48] <PoisonIvy> wow... all airports are shut down!!!!!!
[15:48] <Larryslug> no more air travel today
[15:48] <PoisonIvy> in the whole country!
[15:48] <Danny-Mac> eys
[15:48] <Danny-Mac> yes
[15:49] <Larryslug> talk about some pissed off people now
[15:49] <Danny-Mac> yep
[15:49] <PoisonIvy> yeah...
[15:49] <PoisonIvy> too bad they don't know who it is yet =(
[15:49] <PoisonIvy> but it's prolly one of them 'irakians' there as matt says.. eheh
[15:50] <BabyTommy> a third plane has crashed
[15:50] <BabyTommy> nope...it's on the way
[15:50] <Larryslug> palestinian was one possible report
[15:50] <PoisonIvy> tommy?? really?? where did it crash?
[15:50] <PoisonIvy> they didn't say over here
[15:51] <Larryslug> damn
[15:51] <PoisonIvy> oh, into the pentagon
[15:52] <Larryslug> a plane did craSH THE PENTAGON
[15:52] <PoisonIvy> my gosh.. that's too much =(((
[15:52] <PoisonIvy> SCARY =(((((((((((((((((((((
[15:52] <Larryslug> that took some balls
[15:53] <PoisonIvy> yeah.. hopeuflly they'll find out soon who did it!
[15:53] <Larryslug> yes
[15:53] <Larryslug> wrong choice
[15:53] <PoisonIvy> cuz if they don't, then they can't do anything =(
[15:53] <Larryslug> or they want to be found out
[15:55] <PoisonIvy> you think?
[15:56] <PoisonIvy> well.. they sure got all americans' attention
[15:56] <Larryslug> what station are u watching?
[16:01] <BabyTommy> one of the towers has collapsed
[16:01] <BabyTommy> it's down :(
[16:01] <Danny-Mac> :(
[16:01] <PoisonIvy> heh.. all channels are talking about it!
[16:05] <PoisonIvy> wow... ppl brought to the hospital have 2nd and 3rd degree burns... so many ppl will die =(((((((((((((
[16:09] <Danny-Mac> indeed there are casualties in war...do the other countries care if they take out any innocent people?...then why should we???
[16:11] <PoisonIvy> Ewa just said that in the center of international affairs in Washington (D.C., Ewa?), there's a fire too
[16:19] <PoisonIvy> heh.. i bet all nyc city paramedics and firefighters were called in to work as emergency
[16:20] <theSFC> yes :(
[16:20] <PoisonIvy> hoi Arno =)
[16:20] <theSFC> the 2nd tower collapsed
[16:20] <BabyTommy> ppl r jumping out of the windows
[16:20] <PoisonIvy> sad news(((
[16:20] <Danny-Mac> :(((
[16:20] <theSFC> Hoi Tommy
[16:20] <PoisonIvy> not yet Arno
[16:20] <BabyTommy> Hoi Arno
[16:20] <PoisonIvy> 2nd tower still standing
[16:21] <BabyTommy> and the still jump...it never stop
[16:21] <theSFC> well i mean the tower that was hit 2nd
[16:21] <PoisonIvy> oh yes...
[16:21] <theSFC> its called the '2nd tower'
[16:22] <theSFC> i am watching CNN
[16:23] <Larryslug> the one that fell was hit lower
[16:23] <Larryslug> another hijacked plane
[16:23] <theSFC> Hoi Larry !
[16:23] <Larryslug> that one will get shot down for suure
[16:23] <theSFC> yes
[16:23] <Larryslug> Hoi Arno
[16:23] <PoisonIvy> ah hear that???? more hijacked planes =(((((((((((((
[16:23] <Danny-Mac> jeeeeez
[16:24] <theSFC> ?
[16:24] <Danny-Mac> car bomb OUTSIDE THE STATE DEPT!
[16:24] <Larryslug> I heard that
[16:24] <PoisonIvy> there's another hijacked plane arno, 20 min away from washington, d.c.
[16:24] <theSFC> there was 1 plain still flying
[16:26] <BabyTommy> sh*t
[16:26] <theSFC> well its bad timing but thats the result of voting for BUSH !
[16:26] <Danny-Mac> Arno...
[16:26] <Danny-Mac> not now
[16:26] <Danny-Mac> ok?
[16:26] <BabyTommy> the whole tower is down now
[16:27] <PoisonIvy> yes =((((
[16:27] <Larryslug> whew!!!!
[16:27] <theSFC> ooh dear....
[16:27] <Larryslug> man
[16:28] <Danny-Mac> now the TV transmitter tower is down too!
[16:28] <PoisonIvy> is that 4th plane going TOWARDS washington?
[16:28] <PoisonIvy> aaah... i really hope they didn't plan anything for st. louis =((
[16:28] <Danny-Mac> SHOOT IT DOWN"
[16:28] <Danny-Mac> the only way it will stop
[16:29] <theSFC> well inocent people inside that airplane too Dan !
[16:29] <Danny-Mac> yes
[16:29] <Danny-Mac> but what can you do
[16:29] <Danny-Mac> innocent people are everywhere
[16:29] <Danny-Mac> and that's why US is so silly in war matters
[16:30] <theSFC> well can i wake up now...
[16:30] <Larryslug> :))
[16:30] <PoisonIvy> damn palestinians !!!!
[16:30] <theSFC> this is a super spielberg movie...
[16:30] <PoisonIvy> did you hear that?
[16:31] <theSFC> hear what ?
[16:31] <PoisonIvy> democratic front for liberation of palestine claims responsibility
[16:31] <Larryslug> now...what if the master plan is to get air force one one of the only planes in the air
[16:31] <theSFC> car bomb at state department
[16:31] <Larryslug> and a satelitte shoots it down with ease
[16:32] <Danny-Mac> bye bye palestine
[16:32] <BabyTommy> america will explode now....they will take a huge revenge
[16:32] <theSFC> well this isnt done by Palestines
[16:32] <theSFC> i wont belief that
[16:32] <BabyTommy> it's done by a palestenian group
[16:33] <theSFC> i dont belief that either
[16:33] <Danny-Mac> hell, i'll go!
[16:33] <Danny-Mac> i'm mad
[16:33] <Danny-Mac> i can use a machine gun
[16:33] <Danny-Mac> i dont play by stupid rules
[16:33] *** Danny-Mac has left #Sandra
[16:33] <PoisonIvy> my gosh.. this is like some horror movies... like 'independence day'
[16:34] <theSFC> yes.. unbelievable it can really happen...
[16:34] <PoisonIvy> why not, Arno???? they've been terrorizing israel!
[16:34] <theSFC> with all modern knowledge
[16:34] <theSFC> well its a attack on US 'capatalism'
[16:34] <theSFC> and US 'politics'
[16:34] <theSFC> in short... a attack on 'BUSH'
[16:35] <PoisonIvy> i'm not that into politics so i won't say anything here =))
[16:35] <theSFC> in short... a attack on 'BUSH goverment'
[16:35] <BabyTommy> yes...capitol hill
[16:36] <theSFC> a part of the pentagon collapsed aswell
[16:38] <Larryslug> beyond belief
[16:38] <theSFC> yes
[16:38] <PoisonIvy> ah.. another crash!!!
[16:38] <theSFC> ?
[16:38] <PoisonIvy> southeast of pittsburgh
[16:39] <PoisonIvy> but they don't know if the crash is related to all this
[16:39] <PoisonIvy> they just said that
[16:39] <Larryslug> no car bomb
[16:39] <theSFC> not on CNN
[16:39] <PoisonIvy> i'm watching nbc
[16:40] *** Danny-Mac has joined #Sandra
[16:40] <SANDRAnet> Hoi Dan !!! theSFC welcomes Danny-Mac from Gary, Indiana, USA :) !
[16:40] <theSFC> re-hoi Dan
[16:40] <SANDRAnet> Current LOCAL time for Danny-Mac is Tue Sep 11 10:04:41 2001 !
[16:40] <Danny-Mac> re
[16:40] <Danny-Mac> i need to get away
[16:40] <Danny-Mac> needed
[16:40] <theSFC> ooh
[16:40] <theSFC> at this time ?
[16:40] <PoisonIvy> re Danny
[16:41] <Danny-Mac> re
[16:41] <Danny-Mac> i mean to get away from the channel
[16:41] <theSFC> ooh needed ;)
[16:41] <Danny-Mac> to calm down
[16:41] <Danny-Mac> i say things in anger
[16:41] <Danny-Mac> :(((
[16:41] <theSFC> no problem :)
[16:41] <Danny-Mac> terrible things:(((
[16:42] <PoisonIvy> Danny, i'm sure a lot of ppl are saying the same thing now....
[16:42] <theSFC> be glad not to live in NY ! at this time
[16:42] <PoisonIvy> this is too much =((((((((((((
[16:42] <theSFC> its just unbelievable...
[16:42] <PoisonIvy> and we don't know what else can happen today =(
[16:42] <PoisonIvy> there's still that another plane out there
[16:42] <BabyTommy> a new plane is on the way
[16:42] <BabyTommy> on the way against pentagon
[16:42] <theSFC> well there were US fight plains in the air now
[16:43] <Danny-Mac> ...
[16:43] <theSFC> +er
[16:44] <PoisonIvy> oh, they're talking about red cross in st. louis! =)
[16:44] <theSFC> they expect the other jacked plain will go to Pantagon too
[16:44] <BabyTommy> yes
[16:44] <PoisonIvy> heh.. just in time: red cross is really really low on platelets =((((((((
[16:44] <Danny-Mac> :((((((((
[16:44] <theSFC> platelets ?
[16:44] <PoisonIvy> if the blood doesn't clot well, you neeed this
[16:44] <Danny-Mac> yes
[16:45] <PoisonIvy> like if a liver was messed up by the explosion, you would need that along with other blood products
[16:45] <Danny-Mac> like white blood cells
[16:45] <PoisonIvy> no danny
[16:45] <PoisonIvy> totally different...
[16:45] <Danny-Mac> ooh?
[16:45] <Danny-Mac> ok
[16:45] <Danny-Mac> thanks Gosia
[16:45] <PoisonIvy> =0)
[16:45] <PoisonIvy> i remember last week i couldn't give more to my patient because we were so short ...
[16:46] <Danny-Mac> ooh:((
[16:46] <PoisonIvy> so it's not good for this situation =(((
[16:46] <Larryslug> whew! and so it begins
[16:46] <Laserman> Hi folks
[16:46] <Danny-Mac> not at all
[16:46] <Larryslug> talk about timimng
[16:46] <Larryslug> Hi Frankie :)
[16:46] <theSFC> Hoi Frankie !
[16:46] <Danny-Mac> hi Frankie
[16:46] <theSFC> You have TV on CNN !!!!!!!
[16:46] <Laserman> I saw it at work
[16:47] <PoisonIvy> hi Frankie =)
[16:47] <Laserman> Hi Larry, Arno, Danny, Gosia
[16:47] <Larryslug> I sent an e-mail I'd be a little late coming in
[16:47] <theSFC> a 2nd plain still in the air
[16:47] <Larryslug> you know what?
[16:47] <Danny-Mac> NOw the Illinois state capitol has been evacuated...
[16:48] <PoisonIvy> hear that? they just said that palestine would the the target of usa as of right now
[16:48] <PoisonIvy> if they don't clarify themselves
[16:48] <Danny-Mac> yes
[16:48] <Larryslug> I don't think our airports can hold all our airplanes and jets?
[16:48] <Danny-Mac> probably not Larry
[16:48] <Larryslug> I'm almost certain of it
[16:48] <PoisonIvy> aaaaaaaah... i really hope they won't blow anything up over here =(((((((((
[16:48] <Danny-Mac> Gary/Chicago airport must be FILLED
[16:49] <PoisonIvy> same here, lambert...
[16:49] * Danny-Mac crosses his fingers for Gosia
[16:49] <Laserman> It looks like a very long planned and organized action
[16:49] <Danny-Mac> yes
[16:49] * PoisonIvy is crossing her fingers for danny and larry too!!!
[16:49] <Danny-Mac> thank you!!!
[16:49] <PoisonIvy> and bee
[16:49] <Laserman> They who anotherplane here on tV
[16:49] <Laserman> They show another plane here on TV
[16:50] <Danny-Mac> [10:14] <Danny-Mac> SEARS TOWER HAS BEEN EVACUATED
[16:50] <Danny-Mac> [10:14] <Danny-Mac> ALL FLIGHTS HAVE BEEN GROUNDED
[16:50] <Danny-Mac> [10:14] <Danny-Mac> flights in air have been re-directed to Canada
[16:51] <Laserman> Well, they got the "right" president at the moment to make some stupid reaction
[16:51] <theSFC> Yasser Arafat says the attacks are "terrible and unbelievable"
[16:51] <Laserman> Of course... what did you think he'd say?
[16:52] <Danny-Mac> #WorldTradeCenter
[16:52] <Laserman> Well.. it is not anymore just see the pics on TV... the 2 towers are gone
[16:53] <Danny-Mac> it's a channel frankie
[16:53] <Danny-Mac> lots of people there
[16:54] <PoisonIvy> ah, i'm soo glad i live in a small city
[16:54] <Laserman> Frankly I prefer to remain here... I'm not to eager to get into heated up discussions
[16:55] <theSFC> me neither
[16:55] <theSFC> i stick with the facts
[16:55] <Laserman> Well, one thing is clear: Those planes did not lost their way and accidently crashed into the twi towers of the World Trade Center
[16:56] <PoisonIvy> they said at least 10,000 new yorkers are dead =(
[16:56] <Laserman> Well... 50.000 worked in there...
[16:56] <PoisonIvy> i hope no nuke is coming =(((((((((
[16:57] <Laserman> Well... so much for Bush's strategic missile defense system
[16:57] <Danny-Mac> Frankie...
[16:57] <Laserman> And the use of it
[16:58] <Laserman> Yes, Danny?
[16:58] <Danny-Mac> ok...so now it's time to ridicule our president?
[16:59] <theSFC> well defense system doesnt stop line airplanes
[16:59] <Laserman> Sorry but that's what I think
[16:59] *** Aga^ has joined #Sandra
[16:59] <PoisonIvy> frankie, how could they stop those planes????
[16:59] <PoisonIvy> they were AMERICAN planes
[16:59] <Danny-Mac> suit yourself
[16:59] <theSFC> nobody can stop terrorist attacks
[16:59] <PoisonIvy> hey aga
[16:59] <Aga^> hej
[16:59] <theSFC> you can only hope to an try to prevent them
[17:00] <Larryslug> hi Aga
[17:00] <PoisonIvy> ogladasz tv?
[17:00] <Laserman> They can never stop this... if somebody plans to park a freighter with a nuke in New York harbour, he will do it.
[17:00] <Aga^> tia... niezle namieszali u was
[17:00] <PoisonIvy> no...
[17:00] <PoisonIvy> no to Aga =)
[17:01] <PoisonIvy> not only here Frankie, anywhere in the world
[17:01] <Laserman> Yes but the USA are target No. 1 :-(
[17:01] <Danny-Mac> for many reasons
[17:02] <Danny-Mac> as angry as i am, i can understand
[17:02] <Laserman> Arafat on TV here... looks really shocked
[17:02] <Danny-Mac> brb
[17:02] <Danny-Mac> must check TV
[17:02] <PoisonIvy> eh.. my mom called me all shaken up...
[17:03] <Laserman> I do not think it was the Palestinians... they can only achieve their goals WITH the USA...
[17:03] <theSFC> ahhhh :)
[17:04] <PoisonIvy> i wish they said something about that other plane on the way
[17:04] <Danny-Mac> i cou'dnt stay in that worldtradecenter channel too long
[17:05] <Danny-Mac> way too much hostility
[17:05] <Laserman> Yes, I can figure
[17:05] <theSFC> i would expect so
[17:05] *** ^Leon has joined #Sandra
[17:05] *** ^Leon has quit IRC (Leaving )
[17:05] <Danny-Mac> and people going in there to anger others
[17:05] <PoisonIvy> hi Leo =)
[17:05] <SANDRAnet> Hallo Leo !!! theSFC welcomes Leon from Rotterdam, the Netherlands :) !
[17:05] <Danny-Mac> hoi Leo
[17:06] <Larryslug> hi Leo
[17:06] * Danny-Mac wants everyone to know that if he says anything that seems offensive or mean that he really doesn't mean it...just very stressed out at the moment, and i apologize
[17:06] <BabyTommy> np
[17:06] <Danny-Mac> ok
[17:06] <theSFC> we understand Dan :)
[17:07] <PoisonIvy> we understand danny... i'm very anxious too
[17:07] <Laserman> I hope they evacuated all people around the World Trade Center before it crashed
[17:07] <BabyTommy> they say 10.000's of ppl is dead
[17:08] <PoisonIvy> they said they did, Frankie
[17:08] <Danny-Mac> thanks everyone
[17:09] <Aga^> cya
[17:09] *** Aga^ has quit IRC (=//\\= Live long and prosper =//\\= )
[17:10] <PoisonIvy> oh did you see that::: 'bush vows to hunt down those responsible'
[17:10] <PoisonIvy> thank God!!!!!!!!!
[17:10] <Laserman> Well... I only hope it does not get out of hand
[17:10] <PoisonIvy> someone will finally take some action
[17:11] <PoisonIvy> it already has.. what do you call today??/!
[17:11] <Danny-Mac> let's hope the right ones get what's comeing to them
[17:11] <PoisonIvy> it's so sad though that a war will start when they find out who it was
[17:12] <Danny-Mac> yes
[17:12] <Laserman> Gosia, with out of hand I mean that I hope it will not lead to a war
[17:13] <PoisonIvy> we can all be sure it will Frankie
[17:14] <Larryslug> sadly, what choice is there?
[17:14] <PoisonIvy> i don't know what kind of a leader bush would be if he didn't take some action!!!!
[17:14] <Larryslug> allow it?
[17:14] <PoisonIvy> they talked and talked before, avoided the war, and look what we get =(
[17:15] <Larryslug> invite others to do the same?
[17:17] <Laserman> War with who, Gosia?
[17:18] <Laserman> First you need to find one who is responsible
[17:22] <Danny-Mac> seems the threats were given 3 weeks ago, and our govt didnt' take them seriously
[17:22] <Danny-Mac> :(
[17:22] <Danny-Mac> all the shootings going on....you'd think they'd do that
[17:22] <Danny-Mac> ANY THREAT IS A THREAT
[17:22] <Danny-Mac> at this time
[17:25] <Laserman> Well... it's the usual TV hassle... many experts are asked but nobody realy has a clue
[17:27] <Danny-Mac> wow
[17:30] <Danny-Mac> American Airline says that 164 passengers and crew members killed....from thier 2 planes
[17:31] <Danny-Mac> people are evacuating Chicago
[17:31] <PoisonIV> yeah =(((
[17:31] <PoisonIV> just imagine those ppl on the planes!!! how scared they were =(
[17:31] <Larryslug> yes...
[17:32] <PoisonIV> oh hear that!!!
[17:32] <PoisonIV> the twin towers were designed to withstand airplane impacts
[17:32] <PoisonIV> so they speculate that they might have been something that 'helped' the collapse
[17:33] <PoisonIV> ah!!! they're talking about st. louis =(
[17:33] <PoisonIV> on fox =)
[17:33] <theSFC> what about it ?
[17:34] <PoisonIV> they're saying that the buildings are susceptible to attack... blah.. no facts
[17:34] <theSFC> tv aan ?
[17:34] <PoisonIV> just talk
[17:34] <^Leon> hey i am back again :))
[17:34] *** Secret_J has joined #SANDRA
[17:34] <theSFC> CNN !!!! LEO !
[17:34] <PoisonIV> hej Jarek
[17:34] <theSFC> of NL2
[17:34] <^Leon> yes i have seen it :-(((
[17:34] <Secret_J> Hej!
[17:34] <theSFC> okay :(
[17:34] <^Leon> what a disaster :-((
[17:35] <PoisonIV> jarek, ogladasz tv?
[17:35] <^Leon> me hart is craien :-((((
[17:35] <Secret_J> teraz nie
[17:35] <theSFC> they are from 1972
[17:35] <theSFC> and 1973
[17:35] <Danny-Mac> OLD
[17:36] <PoisonIV> wow.. they're evacuating everybody from gov't buildings here in st. louis too
[17:36] <Danny-Mac> all major cities
[17:36] <Danny-Mac> 2001 is one of the worst years in HISTORY
[17:36] <PoisonIV> red cross is asking for blood volunteers... maybe i'll go
[17:37] <^Leon> hoi danny
[17:37] <Danny-Mac> hoi Leo
[17:37] <^Leon> everybudy here
[17:37] <PoisonIV> hi Leo
[17:37] <^Leon> its a black day
[17:37] <Laserman> Oh dear... what a day
[17:37] <PoisonIV> yeah =(((((
[17:37] <^Leon> after a week whitout internet today i am beck
[17:37] <Danny-Mac> what a way to come back
[17:38] <^Leon> yes :-(((
[17:38] <^Leon> its its ..... dont know .... no words
[17:39] <Larryslug> yeah...man
[17:39] <Danny-Mac> i know Leo..it's ok...you dont have to find the words
[17:39] <^Leon> ppl jumpen out of windows :-(
[17:39] <Larryslug> I go to take a shower, and come back to this
[17:39] <^Leon> ok larry
[17:39] <Laserman> That TV commentator is going on my nerves... he still keeps talking about what the building IS - but it WAS... it is not anymore... man...
[17:39] <Danny-Mac> yeah:(
[17:40] <Danny-Mac> now they are speculating an Islamic Gehad group....why speculate...that just fires us up
[17:41] <^Leon> i dont know who ....
[17:41] <Laserman> I don't think that any state was involved, not even Iraq would be so stupid
[17:41] <^Leon> i agree frank
[17:41] <Danny-Mac> i do too
[17:41] <^Leon> the spokeman from the plo sayd he does not know from nothing
[17:41] <theSFC> well it wasnt a one person action either !
[17:41] <PoisonIV> oh .. they're saying something about 'islamic movement' claiming that the attack was because of the us policy in the middle east
[17:41] <Danny-Mac> nevermind what i said earlier...
[17:41] <PoisonIV> they haven't confirmed it yet though.. anybody knows what the policy is?
[17:41] <Mari> Oh my god !!!! New york looks like after end of the world !!!!!!!!!! :-((
[17:42] <Laserman> And who does say that it were foreigners? Let's not forget that in Oklahoma City it was an American
[17:42] <theSFC> there are always militant organisations who will say they done it
[17:42] <Larryslug> all that smoke and debris
[17:42] <Danny-Mac> good points, Frankie and Arno
[17:42] <Danny-Mac> i think they are using "circumstantial evidence" of some sorts
[17:42] <PoisonIV> yes.. you're right Arno, frankei
[17:43] <Danny-Mac> people want answers...
[17:43] <Danny-Mac> i can only imagine the pressure in the news studios
[17:43] <Danny-Mac> at WBBM radio...
[17:43] <theSFC> well guess they are looking at the passanger lists now and track down who the hijackers were among them
[17:43] <PoisonIV> oh check that out!
[17:43] <Danny-Mac> or WABC, WCBS...
[17:43] <PoisonIV> they just said on nbc that palestine is celebrating =(((((((((
[17:43] <Laserman> Ow... now thy have a picture of the 2nd plane crashing into the World Trade center. Was a Boeing 737, I guess
[17:43] <theSFC> that will conclude who is behind..
[17:43] <PoisonIV> they're handing out candy and saying that 'god is great'
[17:44] <Mari> must go to work
[17:44] <Danny-Mac> bye bye...
[17:44] <Danny-Mac> hoep you dont' live in palestine...
[17:44] *** Mari has quit IRC
[17:44] <PoisonIV> do potem Mariusz
[17:44] <Danny-Mac> cuz it's HISTORY
[17:44] <PoisonIV> i know.. if it's true, i wouldn't be surprised if usa nuked them
[17:45] <Laserman> Danny, we do not know yet who's responsible :-( And nothing is worse than fast accusations... Let's wait and see... it's all we can do anyway
[17:46] <Danny-Mac> yes Frankie
[17:46] <Danny-Mac> i agree
[17:46] <Danny-Mac> i'm just as guilty as the rest:((
[17:48] <^Leon> what i can not understand ppl can be glad that ather ppl are dien :-((((((
[17:48] <PoisonIV> wow.. matt got recalled!!!!
[17:48] <PoisonIV> for emergency
[17:48] <PoisonIV> oh wait
[17:49] <PoisonIV> they just checked he's home in case something happens, he'll be recalled
[17:49] <Laserman> What is his job again?
[17:49] <Laserman> I forgot
[17:49] <PoisonIV> i guess if sth happens here, i'll get recalled too
[17:49] <PoisonIV> he's a paramedic
[17:49] <PoisonIV> he saves ppl in ambulance
[17:50] <Laserman> Yeah... but I don't think that St. Louis will be a target. They chose places with symbolic character.
[17:50] <Laserman> Now they assume it was Bin Laden
[17:50] <Laserman> If yes, he can kiss his butt goodbye
[17:58] *** djsf has joined #SANDRA
[17:58] <Larryslug> yes....we are not a good country to be p*ssing off
[17:58] <djsf> this is so huge
[17:59] <SANDRAnet> 2Look what the mouse dragged in... Hello Sam !!! theSFC welcomes djsf from San Francisco CA, USA :) !
[17:59] <PoisonIV> Frankie, they SHOWED palestine cheering
[17:59] <djsf> we are so going to vaporize Osama Bdenladin (sp?) if he's responsible for this
[18:00] <PoisonIV> i know =((
[18:00] <PoisonIV> hi Sam =)
[18:01] <Laserman> Well, those folks are heated up... they are not thinking like we do, Gosia...
[18:03] <Danny-Mac> indeed
[18:04] <Laserman> They were trained from youth on to hate the Israelis and the USA and it is a big honour for them to die as a martyr
[18:04] <Laserman> I'm watching Phoenix...
[18:05] <PoisonIV> i know that terrorists are trained to commit suicide during attack
[18:05] <Laserman> Taliban in Afghanistan are planning to install martial law there... they're afraid
[18:06] <PoisonIV> ah.. it was so well organized.. scary.. they prolly had ppl working for the airlines
[18:07] <Danny-Mac> wouldnt' doubt it
[18:08] <djsf> organized, yes. that's the scarry part
[18:08] <PoisonIV> the chief of firefighters in nyc said that there were devices planted in the towers
[18:08] <PoisonIV> so they collapse more easily
[18:09] <Danny-Mac> ooh:(
[18:10] <Laserman> Well, actually they simply had just to find some willing people to do it (which is not too hard) and then let them enter airplanes. It is much more effort to place a bomb somewhere
[18:12] <PoisonIV> yes, i agree
[18:12] <PoisonIV> but
[18:12] <PoisonIV> whoever hijacked the planes must have been a pilot
[18:12] <PoisonIV> how else would they steer BOTH planes into the towers?
[18:13] <Laserman> Not necessarily... they probably didn't tell the pilots "Now pleaase crash the plane into the World Trade Center". They must have directed them without telling them... and probably in the last seconds they took over
[18:15] <PoisonIV> ??? the plane was diverted!
[18:15] <PoisonIV> it was supposed to go from boston to la
[18:16] <PoisonIV> instead, it went towards nyc
[18:16] <PoisonIV> first one at least
[18:16] <PoisonIV> the other one was going towards jfk (the airport in nyc), so that's possible what you said
[18:16] <Laserman> Yes... I imagine they told the pilots to fly to New York and then, for the last moments, they grabbed the steering
[18:16] <Larryslug> no it was headed to JFK airport
[18:16] <Larryslug> right
[18:16] <PoisonIV> yes maybe
[18:18] <djsf> four aircraft; simultaneously hijacked. where was our intelligence community? how did these people get past airport security in four locations?
[18:18] <djsf> this is so lame in so many ways
[18:18] <Laserman> The Dollar dropped immidiately after it happened...
[18:18] <djsf> of course
[18:19] <djsf> and unemployment probably went down
[18:19] <djsf> a friend of mine was called out of the military reserves late last week and told he would be seeing action shortly
[18:20] <Laserman> Well, they report that there were warning before of a "never seen terrorist act" in USA
[18:20] <djsf> my city (San Francisco) is under a stage 2 alert. everything's closed.
[18:20] <djsf> you can't even travel across our bridges right now
[18:20] <Laserman> Yes, I heard. Also all tunnels closed
[18:21] <djsf> they're claiming this is a worst act of terrorism than Pearl Harbor
[18:21] <theSFC> Hoi SAM
[18:21] <djsf> s next? martial law?
[18:21] <djsf> BUT I'M OUT OF CIGARETTES!
[18:22] <Laserman> Well, good moment to quit smoking
[18:22] <theSFC> well good for your health then :)
[18:22] <djsf> Now Israeli airspace has been closed as well
[18:22] <Laserman> They raise security level on government buildings here, too... and all flags are on half here
[18:23] <djsf> the Palestenian people are celebrating, yet their leaders are condeming the acts
[18:23] <djsf> they believe U.S. and Israel are one
[18:24] <djsf> Israel without American support would not be as aggressive against PLO, they say
[18:24] *** COE has joined #SANDRA
[18:24] <COE> HELLOOO
[18:24] <Larryslug> they are prolly correct
[18:24] <Laserman> Hi Ken!
[18:24] <djsf> Hi Ken!
[18:24] <Larryslug> hi Kenny
[18:24] <COE> Terrible News huh :((
[18:24] <djsf> the worst
[18:25] <COE> Hi Larry and sam, and Frankie
[18:25] <Larryslug> unreal
[18:25] <COE> Makes me feel sick when I think about it
[18:25] <djsf> why couldn't Bush have been visiting the Trade Center this morning?
[18:25] <COE> Sam, that is not nice :)
[18:25] <COE> :/
[18:25] <djsf> our borders with Mexico & Canada have been closed.
[18:25] <Laserman> Ken, I got the news in the last 30 minutes of when I was at work and I could not concentrate on what I was doing anymore
[18:26] <Larryslug> yeah...I never even went on
[18:26] <djsf> Bush is in hiding right now. Undisclosed location, No news other than he & 1st lady are "safe"
[18:26] <Laserman> Was driving home in a kind of daze... now I calm down a bit... When I first heard it, I thought it as a joke or an exaggeration...
[18:26] <Larryslug> I couldn't take my eyes off the towers going down
[18:26] <COE> Same here
[18:26] <COE> I thought it was a joke
[18:27] <COE> I havent seen the pictures yet
[18:27] <Larryslug> I thought so to
[18:27] <theSFC> Hoi KEN !
[18:27] <COE> Hello Arno
[18:27] <Larryslug> I had went to take a shower
[18:27] <djsf> I couldn't believe it was true either. the news coverage all looked so post-holocaustal. you never see that kind of destruction of American property ... not even after the McVeigh incident
[18:27] <Larryslug> came back and saw it on the IRC
[18:27] <COE> Im still pretty shocked
[18:27] <Laserman> We then tried to get to the internet news sites on work. Only our supervisor working places have internet access. But even with the Bertelsmann network there was no getting through to the sites
[18:27] <Danny-Mac> eheh
[18:27] <Danny-Mac> yep
[18:28] <Larryslug> thought it was a hoax
[18:28] <PoisonIV> hi Kenny =)
[18:28] <COE> Yeah same here
[18:28] <djsf> CNN site is down. Their New York bureau was located at World Trade Center
[18:28] <COE> I tried to get on to CNN
[18:28] <Danny-Mac> like "War of the Worlds"
[18:28] <COE> cant get through
[18:28] <COE> Hi Gos
[18:28] <COE> Oh wow
[18:28] <Danny-Mac> hi Ken
[18:29] <COE> Its just like what you see in the movies - its so hard to beleive
[18:29] <djsf> World Trade Center tenants had 1 hour to get out before collapse4
[18:29] <COE> Hey Danny
[18:29] <Laserman> Not even in "Independence Day" the World Trade Center was shown so completely destroyed
[18:29] <djsf> they were not completed with a 2-hour evacuation plan when the bldg.s went down
[18:29] <Larryslug> that jetplane feul is highly flammable and explosive
[18:29] <Laserman> 2 hours... not much time to evacuate 50.000 people or so
[18:30] <Larryslug> feuled up for a cross country trip
[18:30] <djsf> 2 American, 2 United, 2 New York, 1 Washington/Delus
[18:30] <Laserman> Colin Powell on TV here now
[18:30] <Larryslug> fuel
[18:30] <djsf> re-run of earlier statement, I believe
[18:30] <Laserman> No, it's live
[18:31] <Laserman> Phoenix is a live sending channel
[18:31] <Laserman> hey transmit all live events
[18:31] <Danny-Mac> be back soon
[18:31] <Laserman> they
[18:31] <theSFC> okay Dan
[18:31] <Laserman> Bye Dan
[18:31] <djsf> all planes in flight have been told to land at nearest location. there are still planes in the air, though, due to distance from reliable airport
[18:32] <Danny-Mac> bye
[18:32] <Danny-Mac> i'll be back :)
[18:32] <Laserman> Well, I guess now there won't be any more airplane crashes today... I only hope they didn't install more car bombs or something
[18:32] *** Danny-Mac has quit IRC (I talk to the wind...my words are all carried away... )
[18:33] <Laserman> Well, I need a drink now
[18:34] <Laserman> have a dry mouth
[18:34] <PoisonIV> me too
[18:34] <Larryslug> sigh....
[18:34] <COE> I'm surprised they havent bought some of those Nucualr suicase bombs from Russia, and took one of those over there
[18:34] <Laserman> I guess yet there are not folks that are stupid enough to pull such a thing off... I hope
[18:34] *** djsf has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[18:34] <COE> I saw a documtary that some of there Nucualar bombs have gone missing
[18:35] <COE> any mad man could have one
[18:35] <Laserman> A rich mad man, that is
[18:35] <COE> yeah
[18:35] <COE> or group
[18:36] <Laserman> Well, I guess whoever it was, wanted to show that no matter what they do, the USA are vunerable and will always be
[18:36] <COE> anywhere is really
[18:36] <COE> well im sorry folks I gotta go now
[18:37] <PoisonIV> okie.. nice to see you kenny
[18:37] <COE> I'll catch up with you later
[18:37] <Laserman> See ya, Kenny
[18:37] <PoisonIV> i guess the security will be really tight right now
[18:37] <PoisonIV> good
[18:37] <COE> See ya later ;)
[18:37] *** COE has left #SANDRA
[18:37] <Larryslug> I should head out too
[18:37] <PoisonIV> they closed the arch here
[18:37] <PoisonIV> okie.. till later then, Larry
[18:38] <PoisonIV> all sports games are cancelled for today too
[18:38] <Laserman> I don't think they will attack St. Louis... Washington and New York will always be main targets because of their symbolic value
[18:39] <PoisonIV> i don't think so either.. but they still have to take precautions everywhere
[18:39] <Laserman> Strange is that there were no pictures yet of the burning Pentagon
[18:40] <PoisonIV> there were here, frankie
[18:46] <PoisonIV> they're showing bush
[18:48] <PoisonIV> oh.. bush said that 'us will hunt down adn punish those responsible'
[18:52] <Laserman> Yes
[18:56] *** Ibizaner has joined #SANDRA
[18:56] <SANDRAnet> Hallo, welkom Kris !!! theSFC welcomes Ibizaner from Landen, Belgium :) !
[18:56] <ninja1> hi kris
[18:56] <Larryslug> did you see the PW about SP?
[18:56] <Ibizaner> hi guys
[18:56] <Larryslug> hoi Kris
[18:56] <Ibizaner> Larry
[18:56] <Ibizaner> i heard the news when I got home from work
[18:56] <PoisonIV> hi Kris
[18:57] <PoisonIV> yes Larry =)
[18:58] <Ibizaner> did u see the news?
[18:59] <Larryslug> TERRORIST STRIKE US
[18:59] <Larryslug> That is headline of our afternoon paper
[19:00] <Larryslug> +s in terrorist
[19:00] <Ibizaner> Larry: same here
[19:00] <Ibizaner> nothging else on TV news at the moment...
[19:02] <Larryslug> yes, our TV is the same
[19:03] <Larryslug> even UPN
[19:03] <Larryslug> they have C-Span on instead of their programming
[19:05] <Ibizaner> they shutdown NATO headquarters here in Brussels
[19:13] *** Ivonne-CW has joined #SANDRA
[19:27] <Ibizaner> did you see the images of the world trade center collapse?
[19:28] <Ivonne-CW> yes
[19:28] <Ibizaner> hi Johnny
[19:28] <Ivonne-CW> Hi Kris
[19:28] <Ibizaner> and the plane that crashed into it
[19:28] <Ivonne-CW> 2 planes !
[19:28] <Ibizaner> but the first one was not filmed
[19:28] <Ivonne-CW> yes
[19:29] <Ibizaner> unbelievable
[19:31] * Ibizaner is watching the news on belgian TV at the moment
[19:31] <Larryslug> the Manhattan skyline is finally clearing a bit
[19:33] <Ibizaner> Larry, r u watching tv?
[19:33] <Ibizaner> or something?
[19:33] <Larryslug> yeah
[19:34] <Larryslug> I never thought I'd live to see such a sight
[19:34] <Ibizaner> hallucinating
[19:34] <Ibizaner> the images...
[19:35] <Larryslug> I turned it on right after the second plane hit
[19:36] <Larryslug> so I seen the last moments of the twin towers
[19:36] <Ibizaner> they keep showing it on cnn
[19:38] <Ivonne-CW> Larry, how are your emotions if you have seen this pics.....we are shock in germany!!!
[19:38] <Ibizaner> it's just unbelievable
[19:40] <Larryslug> I'm in shock too
[19:40] <Larryslug> I've stayed in Manhattan for a week...so it's even more that real to me
[19:41] <Larryslug> that city is full of easy targets
[19:42] <Ibizaner> the first plane hit the first tower at the top?
[19:42] <Larryslug> ooh yeah
[19:42] <Larryslug> yes the first was closer
[19:42] <Ibizaner> i didn't see it, but i saw that the top was burning
[19:42] <Ivonne-CW> and your parents and relatives are okay?
[19:43] <Ibizaner> when the second plane crashed into the 2nd tower
[19:43] <Larryslug> the date today is 9-11 here
[19:43] <Laserman> I don't think we have any channel member from New York... or?
[19:43] <Larryslug> we go month and date
[19:43] <Larryslug> yes...Erich has a friend from nyc
[19:43] <Laserman> oh
[19:43] <Laserman> I hope he is okay
[19:44] <Larryslug> 911 is also what you dial on a telephone for extreme emergency
[19:44] <Laserman> So you think it was also a symbol?
[19:44] <Laserman> thew date, I mean
[19:45] <Laserman> <--- bathroom business now
[19:45] <Larryslug> or a very strange coincidence
[19:47] <Ibizaner> Larry, any idea how many ppl worked in the WTC?
[19:48] <Larryslug> I'm not sure exactly
[19:48] <Larryslug> but they picked a prime time to hit it
[19:48] <Ibizaner> 9am i heard
[19:49] <Larryslug> first one 8:42
[19:50] <Ibizaner> look, it's on every major european tv channel
[19:50] <Ibizaner> Sandra's ITHOTN is on tv
[19:51] <Ibizaner> just the song
[20:07] <PoisonIV> i'm away writing a letter
[20:12] <Ivonne-CW> VIVA don?t plays VIDEOS!!!!
[20:12] <PoisonIV> brb, gotta reboot
[20:12] <Ibizaner> weird: Nostradamus may have predicted the WTC attack
[20:13] *** PoisonIV has quit IRC (if i didn't say 'goodbye', then it's matt hogging the puter... c ya guys l8r =) )
[20:19] *** PoisonIV has joined #SANDRA
[20:20] <PoisonIV> re
[20:25] <Laserman> re Gosia
[20:26] <Larryslug> wb
[20:26] <PoisonIV> re =)
[20:42] * Larryslug is still stunned
[20:42] <PoisonIV> yeah.. me too...
[20:42] <PoisonIV> horrible
[20:44] <Laserman> I guess we will all remain stunned in the next time, too, when more details get out. For example how many victims...
[20:46] *** Ivonne-CW has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[20:46] <Larryslug> they are showing the Pentagon
[20:47] <Larryslug> wow
[20:47] *** ^saturn^ has joined #SANDRA
[20:47] <^saturn^> is terrible
[20:47] <SANDRAnet> Ciao Luca !!! theSFC welcomes ^saturn^ from Parma, Italy :) !
[20:47] <Larryslug> it was recently remodeled and reinforced with fire walls recently
[20:48] <^saturn^> hello all...
[20:48] <Larryslug> or it might have took the whole building down
[20:48] <Larryslug> hi Luca
[20:49] <^saturn^> hi... is a bad day for NY
[20:49] <^saturn^> :-(
[20:49] <Mari> It's terribile
[20:49] *** Ivonne-CW has joined #SANDRA
[20:50] <Mari> when I saw thses people waving out the windows to save them....
[20:50] <Mari> they had short time to live ...
[20:50] <Ibizaner> i saw that too
[20:50] <Mari> :-((
[20:50] <Mari> terible
[20:50] <^saturn^> yes Mari
[20:50] <^saturn^> :-(
[20:51] <Mari> I am so angry for terrorists !!!
[20:51] <^saturn^> "make love not war" !!!!
[20:51] <Mari> It;s unbelieveble they could to do something like that !!!
[20:51] <PoisonIV> and all those firefighters and paramedics who died while trying to rescue others.. =(
[20:52] <Ibizaner> it's so cowardly
[20:53] <Mari> yes... it's really tragedy
[20:54] <^saturn^> 25000 pepople innocent DEATH....
[20:55] <^saturn^> now 1 answer.... exsisting GOD???
[20:55] <Ibizaner> no
[20:55] <Ibizaner> that's clear
[20:56] <^saturn^> i thing if GOD exsist is blindness
[20:58] <Mari> I think god doesn't exists
[20:59] <Mari> don't tell about it my master priest who gave me work, heheh
[21:01] <PoisonIV> don't say such profanaties =((((((
[21:01] <^saturn^> sorry i go out... i go to listening the new information
[21:01] <Laserman> They now that the 5th airplane was heading for Camp David
[21:01] *** ^saturn^ has quit IRC
[21:02] <PoisonIV> sorry for my ignorance, but where is camp david?
[21:02] <Ibizaner> Frank: u know that as a fact?
[21:02] <Laserman> Where the peace between Egypt and Israel was made, Gosia
[21:02] <PoisonIV> oh.. what happened to that plane anyway?
[21:03] <Laserman> It crashed
[21:03] <PoisonIV> oh... on purpose i assume... where did it crash at?
[21:03] <Laserman> No idea
[21:04] <PoisonIV> okie...
[21:07] *** P0isonIvy has joined #SANDRA
[21:07] *** PoisonIV has quit IRC (Broken pipe )
[21:08] <P0isonIvy> re
[21:08] <Laserman> re again, Gosia
[21:09] <PoisonIV> bad connection
[21:09] *** Arziel has joined #SANDRA
[21:09] <SANDRAnet> Hall? Arziel !!! theSFC welcomes Arziel from Reykjav?k, Iceland :) !
[21:09] <Arziel> hi all, on this sad day :(
[21:10] <Laserman> Hi Arziel
[21:10] <Arziel> hey there Frankie :)
[21:14] <PoisonIV> hi ARziel
[21:15] <Arziel> Hey there PoisonIvy :>
[21:15] <Ibizaner> what's Danny's nick here?
[21:15] <Laserman> Danny-Mac but he's not here at the moment
[21:15] <Ibizaner> ohhh yes
[21:15] <Ibizaner> slipped my mind
[21:16] <Laserman> Well, tell him when he comes back
[21:16] <Ibizaner> I will
[21:17] <PoisonIV> Arziel: my name is Gosia =)
[21:17] <Arziel> Oh ok, I?ll call you that from now on, Gosia :)
[21:21] <Laserman> Well... have to take a bathroom break again
[21:30] <Ibizaner> look at that warzone...
[21:32] * Ibizaner is still following the news about the WTC...
[21:37] <P0isonIvy> damn... my friend is not coming =(
[21:37] <P0isonIvy> at least not now...
[21:37] <P0isonIvy> her flight is cancelled
[21:37] <Mari> hej Gosia
[21:37] <P0isonIvy> hej mariusz =)
[21:47] <Ibizaner> a possible carbomb here in Brussels, Belgium.....
[22:05] *** COE has joined #SANDRA
[22:05] <SANDRAnet> Hello Ken !!! theSFC welcomes COE from Coventry, England :) !
[22:05] <COE> Hellooooo
[22:06] <Laserman> re Ken
[22:06] <Ibizaner> Ken: how was work today?
[22:07] <Ibizaner> ;)
[22:07] <COE> Hi Frankie
[22:07] <COE> Shocking Kris
[22:07] <COE> I still cant beleive it
[22:07] <Ibizaner> it was - is surreal
[22:07] <COE> yeah :/
[22:07] <Ibizaner> it goes beyond words - or thoughts
[22:08] <COE> Its just shear maddness
[22:08] <Ibizaner> ten thousands of deaths!
[22:08] <COE> It kinda reminded me of the film Airforce 1 - its just like a movie
[22:08] <Ibizaner> let's hope much much less
[22:08] <Ibizaner> i have seen it
[22:09] <COE> yeaj lets hope Kris
[22:10] <COE> Its on most tv channels at the moment
[22:10] <Ibizaner> all evening at the belgian tv
[22:10] <COE> I'm interested to see what Bush will do as soon as they confirm whos done it
[22:10] <Ibizaner> me too
[22:10] <COE> All hell is gonna break lose
[22:10] <Laserman> Well, from now on action movies have to orient themselves on reality :-( Because reality is more shocking than any of them
[22:11] <COE> yeah, phewww tell me about it :/
[22:11] <Ibizaner> that is a interesting though
[22:11] <Ibizaner> my mother told me when I got home today
[22:11] <COE> bet you didnt beleive it
[22:12] <Ibizaner> i hadn't heard it. i was shaking when i realised what it actually was
[22:12] <Ibizaner> i mean: the WTC in new york is world famous
[22:12] <Laserman> was
[22:12] <Ibizaner> and with so many people working there
[22:12] <Laserman> Now Empire State Building is highest building again :-/
[22:12] <COE> They decribed it as a mini city
[22:12] <Laserman> In New York
[22:13] <COE> so many people worked there
[22:13] *** DJ_Pakis has joined #SANDRA
[22:13] <Laserman> I guess we will see all movies from New York who show the WTC with different eyes from now on
[22:14] <Laserman> Hi Pakis
[22:14] <COE> Hello Pakis
[22:14] <DJ_Pakis> hi ppl
[22:14] <Ivonne-CW> hi pakis
[22:14] <DJ_Pakis> it reminds me the arrmagedon
[22:14] <Ibizaner> true, Frank
[22:14] <Ibizaner> hi, Operator Pakis :)
[22:14] <COE> terrible hey pakis :/
[22:14] <COE> Hey Pakis do you know if your flight will be affected?
[22:15] <DJ_Pakis> yes in one way ,ken
[22:15] <Laserman> Pakis, you're gonna fly somewhere?
[22:15] <DJ_Pakis> since now no effections
[22:15] <DJ_Pakis> good luck me dont go to uk
[22:15] <Laserman> Where are you planning to fly to, Pakis? Holiday?
[22:16] <DJ_Pakis> i think hellas to turkey wont be any effection
[22:16] <COE> hummm maybe
[22:16] <DJ_Pakis> this friday i fly frank
[22:16] <DJ_Pakis> yes ken uk close the airports
[22:16] <Laserman> To Turkey?
[22:16] <DJ_Pakis> here only they put much securyty to the usa stufs
[22:16] <DJ_Pakis> instanbul frank
[22:17] <COE> true pakis, but they might be open by friday when you would of flown
[22:17] <Laserman> Oh... holiday or business?
[22:17] <DJ_Pakis> could be ken
[22:17] <DJ_Pakis> holiday till 1st okt
[22:17] <DJ_Pakis> i was telling you that frank weeks agoo
[22:18] <DJ_Pakis> btw big brother start here
[22:18] <DJ_Pakis> is very stupid and cheap
[22:18] <COE> the thing is this is gonna piss off many other countrys too, because the rest of the world trades through the WTC
[22:18] <Laserman> Oh, you did? Sorry, then I didn't see it
[22:19] <COE> Its gonna have far reaching results to other countrys too
[22:19] <DJ_Pakis> we was in pw frank.. is ok
[22:19] <Laserman> Hmmm... I have to look after that... a sec. :)
[22:21] <DJ_Pakis> doeasnt matter frank
[22:22] <Laserman> Okay... but I'm sure I would remember... hmmm...
[22:23] <DJ_Pakis> is ok
[22:24] <COE> dear god, its cost more lives than Pearl Harbour
[22:24] *** merboy has joined #SANDRA
[22:24] <SANDRAnet> Hola Jordi !!! theSFC welcomes merboy from Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain) :) !
[22:24] <merboy> hallo-oh!
[22:24] <Laserman> yup
[22:24] <Ibizaner> seems to be confirmed
[22:24] <Ibizaner> hi Jordi
[22:24] <Laserman> Hi Jordi!
[22:24] <COE> oh I didnt know that Kris
[22:24] <merboy> hi Kris
[22:24] <COE> Hello Jordi
[22:24] <merboy> hallo Frankie
[22:25] <merboy> hi Ken
[22:25] <COE> I know 2 other planes crashed else where
[22:25] <Laserman> One on the Pentagon and the other one was obviously on its way to Camp David
[22:25] *** Danny-Mac has joined #SANDRA
[22:26] <Laserman> re Danny :)
[22:26] <Ibizaner> unbelievable. i still can't get it
[22:26] <Danny-Mac> re
[22:26] <Ibizaner> hi Danny
[22:26] <merboy> it did crash on Camp David, didn't it?
[22:26] <COE> well 2 hit the WTC, 1 hit Pentagon, and im sure there was a report that 2 other planes had crashed, but not hit imortant targets[22:27] <DJ_Pakis> is gosia lives near or bee?
[22:27] <COE> hummm havent heard thet Jordi?
[22:27] <COE> No, Bees in housten
[22:27] <COE> and Gos is in St Louis
[22:27] <Laserman> No, Jordi... it missed it, crashed somewhere else
[22:27] <merboy> that's what they said on Spanish TV
[22:27] <merboy> oh, wrong info then
[22:27] <COE> where Larry again
[22:27] <Ibizaner> There's a Sandra-fan called Fennis who lives in NY.
[22:27] <COE> oh :/
[22:28] <Laserman> It is really surreal... normally the news would be full of about the the victims on board the crashed airplanes... but yet they weren't even mentioned here because it is so much bigger
[22:28] <Ibizaner> just as if they are just a detail...
[22:29] <COE> This is an attack on all of us really, my god they are gonna pay for this
[22:31] <COE> stil shocked Danny?
[22:32] <Danny-Mac> yes
[22:32] <Danny-Mac> this is the longest day
[22:32] <Danny-Mac> :(
[22:32] <Ibizaner> Danny: you're not alone
[22:32] <COE> :(
[22:32] <Danny-Mac> thanks Kris
[22:32] <COE> I get so angry when I think about
[22:33] <COE> I'm resisting using bad launguage
[22:33] <Danny-Mac> i understand Ken
[22:34] <Ibizaner> it's so, so, so, so.....
[22:35] <COE> yeah i know
[22:35] <COE> words cant describe
[22:35] <COE> brb i get a drink
[22:35] <Ibizaner> bye Ivonn?, good night
[22:36] <Danny-Mac> k
[22:36] <Ivonne-CW> i wish all a good night and for all the people from USA a better day !
[22:36] <Danny-Mac> thank you Ivonne!
[22:36] <Danny-Mac> :)
[22:36] <Ibizaner> and all our sympathies
[22:37] <Laserman> Can only get better
[22:37] <Ibizaner> bye Ivonn?
[22:37] <Laserman> Bye Ivonne... good night
[22:37] <Ivonne-CW> good night:)
[22:37] *** Ivonne-CW has quit IRC
[22:53] <COE> ooo another building has colapsed
[22:53] <COE> ...near the WTC
[22:53] <Ibizaner> building 7?
[22:54] <COE> 7 and more probably
[22:54] <COE> Time for me to go to bed
[22:55] <COE> I need sleep cause I not feel too good
[22:55] <merboy> 7?
[22:55] <Ibizaner> Ken, take care of yourself
[22:55] <Ibizaner> and goodnight
[22:55] <COE> thankyou :)
[22:55] <merboy> g*night Ken
[22:55] <COE> Goodnight Everyone!!
[22:56] <DJ_Pakis> night ken
[22:56] <COE> Take Care everyone!
[22:56] <Ibizaner> u2 Ken!
[22:56] <COE> especially the Americans
[22:56] <COE> ahemm...
[22:56] <COE> 5
[22:56] <COE> Night Alysea
[22:57] <PoisonIV> re Kenny =)
[22:57] <PoisonIV> oh, you're leaving...
[22:57] <COE> Night Kris, juan, Pakis, danny, Ewa,Frankie, Jordi,Gos and alllll
[22:57] <COE> yes
[22:57] <COE> Oh Hi and good night Gos
[22:57] <PoisonIV> okie.. night then =)
[22:57] <DJ_Pakis> milk ken
[22:57] <juanmamb> bye ken :), take care and be good
[22:57] <DJ_Pakis> gosia ?
[22:57] <COE> heheh ok pakis
[22:57] <PoisonIV> hi Pakis =)
[22:57] <COE> you too Juan
[22:58] <COE> Night Night all
[22:58] <DJ_Pakis> hi gosia all ok there?
[22:58] *** COE has left #SANDRA
[22:58] <PoisonIV> yeah =)) i live in midwest, not east coast =)))
[22:58] <DJ_Pakis> ken have cold so he have to left
[22:58] <PoisonIV> im' kinda shaken up though.. it's horrible
[22:59] <DJ_Pakis> yes but effect you to since you live in us
[22:59] <PoisonIV> well of course
[23:02] <DJ_Pakis> i think was a payback attack
[23:02] <PoisonIV> payback for what
[23:03] <DJ_Pakis> for they did to the iraq/n
[23:03] <PoisonIV> they don't know who did it yet, so let's not speculate...
[23:04] <DJ_Pakis> you mean they dont say who did it
[23:04] <PoisonIV> if bush finds out who did it though, i wouldn't like to be in their skin... he said he will 'hunt them down and punish'
[23:04] <PoisonIV> no... they don't know !
[23:04] <DJ_Pakis> who else could do this
[23:04] <Ibizaner> I guess some islamic group like the one from Osama Bin Laden
[23:04] <PoisonIV> there are 4 suspected groups
[23:04] <DJ_Pakis> they sayd they dont know , i believe they know
[23:04] <PoisonIV> osama bin laden, 2) palestine, 3) iraq, 4) iran
[23:05] <DJ_Pakis> and there is some major unancwering questions
[23:05] <PoisonIV> if they knew, Pakis, there would prolly be missiles flying their directions
[23:05] <DJ_Pakis> yes is all there around
[23:05] <PoisonIV> they wouldn't keep the whole nation in the dark!
[23:05] <DJ_Pakis> time wil show
[23:05] <PoisonIV> yeah.. hopefully
[23:06] <merboy> is any of those groups stong enough to do on its own such a tremendous thing?
[23:06] <PoisonIV> hola Jordi =)
[23:06] <DJ_Pakis> they keep the nation in the dark
[23:06] <DJ_Pakis> yes jordy
[23:06] <merboy> czesc Gosia :)
[23:06] <PoisonIV> that's what ppl on tv are speculating too, that some might have conspired together
[23:06] <PoisonIV> like afghanistan together with bin laden
[23:07] <DJ_Pakis> right
[23:07] <PoisonIV> or palestinians
[23:07] <merboy> I think it must've been so, a group conspiration
[23:07] <Ibizaner> a small group
[23:07] <DJ_Pakis> wowo imagine o be in the tower and see the airplane to come to you
[23:08] <Ibizaner> they didn't know? CIA, FBI?..
[23:08] <Ibizaner> a very small group
[23:08] <Ibizaner> Pakis: terrible...
[23:08] <merboy> not so small
[23:08] <DJ_Pakis> first time in history no airplane fly over us and all lading to canada
[23:08] <PoisonIV> israel president just said that he's 'with us'.. offered support if usa needs it
[23:09] <PoisonIV> Kris: if they knew, don't you think they would have prevented it?
[23:09] <Ibizaner> obviously
[23:09] <PoisonIV> well then i guess it's ovbious that they don't know
[23:10] <Ibizaner> Gosia: you're right. So, it must have been a pretty small group, well organized and hidden
[23:10] <DJ_Pakis> piliticial is the best actors ever
[23:10] <Ibizaner> imagine how long they must have been planning it
[23:12] <DJ_Pakis> here ppl sayd why was so little securyty so less
[23:12] <DJ_Pakis> so they pass guns and stuff...
[23:13] <DJ_Pakis> lets wish will be nomore like it in everywere in the world
[23:13] <Laserman> Viva stopped sending here...
[23:13] <DJ_Pakis> some other ppl talking for hte ww3
[23:14] <DJ_Pakis> oh cause that frank ?
[23:14] <Laserman> Well, in respect of the current ongoings
[23:15] <DJ_Pakis> ic
[23:16] <DJ_Pakis> most of the channels show this
[23:16] <DJ_Pakis> yes viva poslca aslo closed
[23:17] <DJ_Pakis> ard,zdf,sat1 show it
[23:19] *** Danny-Mac has left #SANDRA
[23:21] <theSFC> another building down !
[23:22] <merboy> do you mean the same one Ken said before or a new one?
[23:23] *** Ewa has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
[23:24] <Laserman> Looks like a couple of other buildings were also damaged when the WTC collapsed
[23:26] <DJ_Pakis> both of the otwers eclapse
[23:26] <DJ_Pakis> and the pentagono
[23:27] <Laserman> Watching CNN right now... New footage of the second plane from a different angle. That plane actually went through the building and exploded inside
[23:27] <DJ_Pakis> yes
[23:28] <DJ_Pakis> 2100 injured
[23:28] <Ibizaner> "U.S. intelligence officials tell CNN "there are good indications that persons linked to Osama bin Laden may be responsible for these attacks."
[23:29] <DJ_Pakis> bush runaway
[23:29] <Ibizaner> i wonder: what happened to the pilots?
[23:29] <Ibizaner> were they just killed and did the terrorists fly the planes?
[23:29] <Laserman> Obviously they didn't fly the planes
[23:30] <DJ_Pakis> killed ?
[23:30] <Ibizaner> murdered
[23:30] <Laserman> Because even if they were threatened, they would not crash the plane into a building
[23:30] <DJ_Pakis> whenever
[23:30] <Ibizaner> no, that's true
[23:30] <PoisonIV> and they were prolly killed instantly
[23:30] <Ibizaner> the only explanation
[23:30] <DJ_Pakis> right they was will send the plai to sea
[23:30] <PoisonIV> otherwise they would have sent a S.O.S.
[23:31] <Ibizaner> god, when you see the photographs, it's so.....
[23:31] <PoisonIV> it's frightening =(
[23:31] *** Ewa has joined #SANDRA
[23:32] <PoisonIV> hej hej Ewa =)
[23:32] <DJ_Pakis> someone call the police inside the airplane and he sayd that was airpiracy
[23:32] <Laserman> Hi Ewa
[23:32] <PoisonIV> hey, pardon my geography, but how far is palestine from poland? =)
[23:32] <merboy> quite far Gosia
[23:32] <PoisonIV> Pakis! the passengers might not have known!
[23:32] <merboy> do you know where Israel is, Gosia?
[23:32] <DJ_Pakis> cnn sayd that gosia
[23:33] <PoisonIV> eh.. somewhere in middle east, isn't it?? lol
[23:33] <Ibizaner> Gosia: Pakis means the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania
[23:33] <merboy> lol
[23:33] <PoisonIV> what other country is it by?
[23:33] <PoisonIV> oh...
[23:33] <Ibizaner> :))
[23:33] <juanmamb> hi ewa:))))
[23:33] <Ibizaner> a passenger has called 911 with his cellular phone
[23:33] <PoisonIV> oh really?? and what?
[23:33] <PoisonIV> they didn't believe it?
[23:33] <Ibizaner> that's how it was known that that plane was supposed to crash on Camp David
[23:34] <PoisonIV> how did they passengers know that? about camp david
[23:34] <Ibizaner> apparently the hijackers aboard told the passengers
[23:34] <PoisonIV> oh...
[23:34] <PoisonIV> and what about the police?
[23:34] <PoisonIV> and how come they didnt' crash it on camp david?
[23:34] <Ibizaner> it sounds logic: telling the passengers what they were planning...
[23:34] <Ibizaner> maybe there was a hero on board..
[23:35] <Ibizaner> maybe the pilot
[23:35] <Ibizaner> remember what true hero is:
[23:35] <PoisonIV> what about the police though? did they misregard the call or something?
[23:35] <Ibizaner> I don't know about that
[23:35] <DJ_Pakis> police believe itbut mins after it crush
[23:36] <DJ_Pakis> in cnn now
[23:37] <DJ_Pakis> barbara call her husband fron in the plane
[23:37] <PoisonIV> minutes after it crashed???
[23:37] <PoisonIV> how did he call then???
[23:38] <DJ_Pakis> yes from mobile
[23:38] <DJ_Pakis> you dont have cnn gosia ?
[23:38] <PoisonIV> well.. i assume the crashed would kill him, so how could have he called AFTER the crash?
[23:39] <Ibizaner> he called before the crash
[23:39] <Ibizaner> she
[23:39] <PoisonIV> right... so like right before the crash or what?
[23:39] <Laserman> She reported the terrorists drove all passengers to the back of the plane
[23:40] <PoisonIV> right.. but what about police??????????
[23:40] <PoisonIV> why didn't they act??
[23:40] <merboy> what could they do?
[23:40] <Ibizaner> what could they do?
[23:40] <Laserman> Surely she did not know where they were going to crash
[23:40] <Ibizaner> somebody calls 911 and tells the plane has been hijacked
[23:40] <PoisonIV> how long before the crash was this?
[23:41] <Ibizaner> Pakis, you know that?
[23:41] <Laserman> no idea... just watch CNN, Gosia... they're reporting
[23:41] <Ibizaner> i guess... 30 minutes at most
[23:41] <PoisonIV> oh, and did they say if they have any speculations why they crashed before?
[23:41] <PoisonIV> i have it on cnn now
[23:41] <DJ_Pakis> know what?
[23:41] <Ibizaner> how far is Boston-Pennsylvania?
[23:42] <DJ_Pakis> no idea
[23:43] <PoisonIV> not very far
[23:43] <PoisonIV> boston is in massachusetts
[23:43] <PoisonIV> on east coast
[23:43] <PoisonIV> so maybe 500 miles or so
[23:46] <DJ_Pakis> all the stock goes down
[23:56] <PoisonIV> wow... explosions in afghanistan
[23:56] <Laserman> Explosions in Afghanistan!
[23:56] <Ibizaner> what?
[23:56] <Ibizaner> r u on cnn right now?
[23:56] <Laserman> Aircrafts over the city
[23:56] <merboy> oh my!
[23:56] <Laserman> Yes
[23:56] <PoisonIV> yes
[23:56] <merboy> I'm going to bed guys
[23:56] <PoisonIV> night Jordi =)))
[23:57] <merboy> see you all tomorrow night
[23:57] <merboy> night Gosia :)
[23:57] <Ibizaner> good night Jordi
[23:57] <merboy> night Kris
[23:57] <merboy> night all!!
[23:57] *** merboy has left #SANDRA
[23:57] <Ibizaner> what's the link?.
[23:57] <PoisonIV> uhh... i'm watching tv
[23:58] <Ibizaner> oh...
[23:58] <Ibizaner> tv is off here
[23:58] <Ibizaner> does that mean they do know who's behind it?...
[23:58] <theSFC> explosions in Kabul afghanistan !
[23:59] <Ibizaner> if there's a connection, that is...
[23:59] <theSFC> explosions in Kabul afghanistan !
[23:59] <Laserman> Yes, Arno... you have noticed, too? :)
[23:59] <DJ_Pakis> afghanistan was explosions
[23:59] *** Yeyi has joined #SANDRA
[00:00] <theSFC> yes was now here on the news so...
[00:00] <Yeyi> Hi!
[00:00] <theSFC> but if you know earlier then the news then call the news agencies :)
[00:00] <Ibizaner> hi Yeyi
[00:00] <PoisonIV> wow.. i wonder who's bombing them
[00:01] <Yeyi> what a day.. :(
[00:01] <PoisonIV> yeah.. +(
[00:01] <Ibizaner> it can't be American planes
[00:01] <Ibizaner> that fast?
[00:01] <PoisonIV> america wouldn't attack without proof i don't think...
[00:01] <Laserman> Well, can be cruise missiles
[00:01] <theSFC> well 'Bush'...
[00:02] <Ibizaner> surely if US intelligence is that fast to find out after the attacks, then they must have found out about it BEFORE!
[00:02] <Yeyi> yeah
[00:02] <Laserman> Well, it was told that there were warnings about some serious terrorist attack 3 weeks ago
[00:02] <Ibizaner> by whom?
[00:03] <Laserman> Maybe they knew that something was about to happen, even who was involved - but just not what was planned and what was the target... Possible, or?
[00:03] <theSFC> i guess he thought use the oportunity then found out who did it...
[00:03] <Laserman> Hmmm... well... too early to make speculations anyway
[00:03] <Ibizaner> this is all just too much to understand this fast already
[00:04] <Ibizaner> such huge events
[00:04] <Ibizaner> i'm going to bed
[00:04] <theSFC> okay sleep well :) Kris
[00:04] <Laserman> Might also be an Afghanistan intern thing. There 's still civil war there
[00:04] <Ibizaner> and try not to have bad dreams about it
[00:04] <Ibizaner> god almighty
[00:05] <Ibizaner> goodnight you all, even it will be hard for many ppl
[00:05] <Yeyi> good night ibiz
[00:05] <Ibizaner> thx Yeyi
[00:05] *** Ibizaner has left #SANDRA
[00:06] <DJ_Pakis> hi yeyi btw
[00:08] <Yeyi> the spanish tve is talking about a.....
[00:10] <Yeyi> tve is talking about 2 or three calls made by one of the woman in the crew of the aeroplane....
[00:11] <Yeyi> she told her husband that in the plane were a group of men with knives
[00:11] <Yeyi> but she didn? t say what nationality were they
[00:17] <Yeyi> good night the rest of viewers
[00:17] <Yeyi> :)
[00:17] <DJ_Pakis> byeeeee
[00:17] *** Yeyi has quit IRC (Leaving )
[00:20] *** Atre has joined #SANDRA
[00:20] <Atre> hi, ppl!
[00:23] <Laserman> Okay... bedtime for me, too
[00:23] <Atre> so soon?
[00:23] <Larryslug> goodnite Frank
[00:23] <DJ_Pakis> so early?
[00:23] <Laserman> Early shift tomorrow
[00:23] <Atre> ok, sweet dreams, Frank!
[00:23] <DJ_Pakis> ok NG and beware frank
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Nov 28, 2009
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Odd how hard that is to read 10 years later, and I was only 12 at the time.

Totally. I remember being home from school that day for something, I think I was sick, so I was watching TV. :S


True Viking
May 26, 2005
Tend do walk the 40 meters from my bed to lecture.
Totally. I remember being home from school that day for something, I think I was sick, so I was watching TV. :S
I had gotten home frome school, had dinner and was doing my homework. So my dad shouts up "watch Discovery Channel!", so I got to the TV and switched on Disco. Disco were sending something about a river or a bridge. Thought about it for a moment, and decided he meant CNN.

Fucking hell.. That was one of the worst days in living memory for me. And I was only 13.


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Feb 27, 2009
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I think pretty much everyone above the age of, say, 20 remembers what he or she did on 9/11. It was the day that defined the world we are living in since. The last day like that before was way back, so for many people 9/11 is also the first such big moment in history. Perhaps the fall of the Berlin Wall 12 years earlier comes close - but that was a positive change, and those tend to be not that well remembered.

I remember that I was at home and my girlfriend called, telling me to turn on the TV. When I saw the pictures, I immediately called my father at work telling him to get hold of a TV or at least a radio any way he can (he was a journalist, but only on local news level). I then had to go to the city centre, pick up my mother from work at 4:30 pm or so and go shopping with her. I parked the car in the parking deck of a conveniently located electronic store and had to walk through the store on my way. Literally everyone, customers and staff alike, were gathered in the TV department and watching in silence. I think the towers were still standing at that point. It was quite a surreal experience doing the shopping with all that in your head, with the feeling that the world has just changed for the worse, that some kind of war will definitely come.


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Apr 5, 2006
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I remember the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was just a little kid but my parents woke me up to come out and watch the news because they knew that history was happening before our eyes.

The problem I have with 9/11 is that the attacks succeeded in their intended purpose: to attack the western way of life. The towers were the first dominoes to fall, but we made sure that the rest happened. I hate what happened on 9/11 and I hate the fact that so many people died, but what I hate even more is that their deaths have been used as political tools by politicians and bureaucrats ever since. How much more dishonor is there than that?

If I had a loved one die in the 9/11 attacks, at this point I would be more pissed off at our own government for how they have used those attacks to justify the destruction of our way of life, our stated values and our rights.

Ok, rant over for the time being. If I talk about this too long I just get more and more pissed off.