Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

I used the "mind blown" reaction...but...it's...it's really not.


Disney special district dispute could ‘weaken’ other Florida government bonds, Fitch Ratings warns​

Fitch Ratings posted the alert late Thursday, nearly a week after DeSantis signed into law a measure dissolving the special taxing district that governs Disney property.
Ohio state Rep. Jean Schmidt (R) said that getting pregnant as a result of rape is “an opportunity” for the rape victim to be a mother and “help” her rapist’s child “be a productive human being.”

Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.

By discovered they mean they were told having done no due diligence on their own.
Honestly why don't we do a hoax of our own that has James May as the titular head of conspiracy to slow traffic