Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

You mean full on White Christian Nationalism vs. semi-overt White Christian Nationalism?
Were it so organized. It's likely going to fracture along ideological lines, which means heightened tensions and random violent acts spread out across the country.
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If only these right-wing “Did you see him repressing me?” guys actually did suffer all the terrible injustices that they keep complaining about. Perhaps that would make them realise there’s actual hardship in the world, not just made-up nonsense like theirs.
"I don't need your county convention. I'll make my own county convention...with blackjack and hookers."
How do we stop this insanity?

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It is also the million dollar question.
It is also the million dollar question.

IMHO, it’s more like a million questions.

Raise children to be respectful, but not obedient.
Curtail the power of money.
Reconfigure or abolish the Senate.
Hold people accountable for their lies.
Stop rage-inducing TV and talk radio.
Create a social safety net so people can stop begrudging others.
Improve education from Kindergarten to College; i.e. first identify its weaknesses.
End the tax-free status of megachurches and televangelists.
Give people more housing choices. SFHs and apartment towers are not the only possibilities and both increasingly unaffordable.
Stop judging/demonising people for what they are and save it for what they do.
Start actually respecting life. A gun-toting forced pregnancy activist who doesn’t spend a single day without eating factory-farmed beef is not pro-life.

And so on and so forth, the pattern is clearly “cut the bullshit and make people’s lives better”. Both are huge undertakings when you have a lopsided two-party system that favours a party that thrives on bullshit and redistribution of money to the top.
How do we stop this insanity?
Like, the immediate insanity or the long-term one?

calvinhobbes has a pretty good rundown of what to do long-term so that the conditions to give rise to this nationalist populism aren't present anymore and it finds it harder to take root.

The more immediate insanity? Really just comes down to destroying the structures that support it: voting out the traitors in Congress, coming down hard on the leaders of the insurrection, placing a withering public eye on the good ol' boy judges that flaunt the concept of blind justice, etc.