Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

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but but I thought they would just stop at being dicks to the coloreds and gays.

Republicans don't believe in identity politics they are mean and vindictive to everyone.

If you don't like it... www.mobilize.us
Not sure if this belongs here, Technology, or Entertainment, but...

I "get" that net neutrality is important. Truly.

At the same time, through my mobile carrier I get Pandora ad-free weekends*, and a discount on Netflix**. Through my internet provider, I get free HBO Max*** and a free year of AppleTV+***

But, I'm fortunate enough to be able to game the system.
* I wasn't going to pay for any ad-free streaming service anyway
** I was already subscribed to netflix anyway
*** I was not going to subscribe to these anyway, and they aren't making me unsubscribe from anything else because I also wasn't going to subscribe to Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Peacock, etc.

I get a discounted phone plan through my girlfriend's work (sort of), and my internet provider is the only one able to give me these speeds, so none of those bonuses are affecting any service provider decisions.

But I still feel dirty about it. A little. 😅
Remember those activist judges the Republicans were warning us about? It's almost scary how often they warn us about what they are going to do while saying that it will be the dirty Democrats that are planning to do it.


Republicans want America to reject Democrats extreme policies. Meanwhile in Red State America

How is it extreme to believe women can choose their healthcare options and we can be caring to those who are different from us?
Minority rule forever?

Republicans' next big play is to 'scare the hell out of Washington' by rewriting the Constitution. And they're willing to play the long game to win.​

  • The conservative movement isn't done reshaping the Constitution from the ground up.
  • Conservatives are now pushing an unprecedented convention to re-write the US bedrock text since 1788.
  • So far, 19 GOP states have joined a rapidly-growing conservative movement to call a new convention.
What is the value or principle in being against NATO? I just don't get what these isolationist believe we gain.
What is the value or principle in being against NATO? I just don't get what these isolationist believe we gain.

I believe they just see it as a stick in the eye of Biden at this point.