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I wonder where people got that idea

I feel like the bizzaro world these people live in their mind is being to intrude on reality

So...it'll be interesting to see how the right leans hard into the "illegal immigrant" narrative, despite him coming in like most illegal immigrants: overstaying/violating temporary/provisional visas...and also being Canadian, and didn't come from, say, "south of Texas".
Ugh...Sarah Huckabee Sanders won the AK governorship, and Kari Lake is leading AZ.
Welp, Texas' re-elected slate of state officials are as depressing as expected. Guess I'm still very willing to relocate given how tired I am of our tax dollars going to stupid stunts and harassment of its own marginalized citizens instead of things that actually fix real problems like the electrical grid. I fundamentally do not trust this state government not to mess with women's healthcare further. That's always been my hard out: are the things I've used for decades at this point to regulate my busted body going to be outlawed? Sure looks like a possibility unless the national government steps in, and that so far hasn't happened, either.

The horrifying part is that I saw this coming. I knew it. Beto is a non-starter for anyone who's not firmly in the #votebluenomatterwho camp, and the less motivating the top candidates are, the less folks turn out to flip races down-ballot. He's brilliant at campaign strategy and outreach, but extremely low-hanging fruit when it comes to attack ads. There's no possible way to come back from saying "I'm comin' for your guns" THAT soon in a state that's armed to the teeth, no matter how much sense he talks on a lot of issues that would be a dramatic improvement over his butthole opponent. I appreciate that he speaks from the heart, but it makes him a tough candidate to sway anyone else in a state that necessitates a significant amount of swaying to finally get out of a long-standing, self-defeating rut. What motivates the other side—and sadly, far too many voters in Texas' "middle"—more than anything is fear. It's all they have. The Rs pick soundbites—honesty about context not needed!—and drum up fear. Lo and behold, the scared-he's-gonna-come-for-our-guns side was more motivated to vote yet again.

I told you so. I TOLD YOU SO. Beto needs to move behind the curtain into a strategist role or go back to being a solid and beloved regional rep/figure of some sort.
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At least Palin lost, but possibly only because the vote was split. If you add up the two "R" candidates, they out-number the "D". [edit: I just realized I put "AK" in my previous post for Sanders, but that's AR...this one is AK. Forgive the mix-up.).

Happy to never hear Boebert's name again, though Vance and MTG won theirs... Dr. Oz can go fuck himself, and the Georgia run-off will be very closely-followed...hopefully it doesn't come down to that.

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I've read the article want to guess what he was wearing?

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Though I feel Fox News was insinuating he was nude.
That's been the refrain from the right since this whole thing happened:
1) They were both in their underwear or thr assailant was nude.

2) the glass was broken from the inside-put, because there was glass on the patio.

They are claiming that this was a male prostitute Paul hired, or a gay lovers' quarrel.

So now we know part #1, and as for part #2, if you've ever broken a window with a hammer, you aren't pulling the head back through the hole it went in. You hit, and pull it out, often pulling glass with it.
Surely Iran executing 15k protestors would draw some sort of action from the world, right?

I would sincerely hope so!