Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

To be faaaaaaaair...😅...you can be both bi and trans, or gay and trans. You can also be black and Asian, etc, so at least there's an "out" for having such high (even over 100%) percentages there...but, yeah...still way too high.
Yeah fair enough but I don’t think the people responsible for those high % answers we’re thinking of that 😜
That is proof that the education system is completely broken here.

…because these results prove that the people who were asked don’t know what percentages are?
…because these results prove that the people who were asked don’t know what percentages are?

They also don't have an understanding of what the population of the country, or some cities, and the cultural diversity. And then there is reasoning that is improved with knowledge.

Warrant, we don't need no stinking warrant!

Why is it we don't learn from the repeated financial failures? The same thing happens each time. Banks fail, new legislation is enacted to prevent it from happening again, and a few years go by and the banks whine about the restrictions that are there to prevent the same thing from happening again. Rinse, repeat, apply liberally.
You know why. They grease palms, people that are important make money, others suffer, they don't care.

Oh, I know, and that is why we need to restrict campaign donations and lobbying.

MAGA Mogul Guo Wengui Charged in $1 Billion Fraud Scheme​

Steve Bannon’s wealthy patron “led a complex conspiracy to defraud thousands of his online followers,” federal prosecutors allege.​

FBI investigating fire at Upper East Side hotel where Chinese billionaire arrested​

Exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, an associate of Steve Bannon, was arrested by federal authorities in New York and is accused of orchestrating a $1 billion fraud scheme. The Daily Beast’s Jose Pagliery joins Chris Hayes with the latest.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj6nAxC2ewE