Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

I'm not posting this story in the Abortion thread because it's not about abortion it's about the rape and murder of a childhood and a shitty childhood promised to the victims baby.

Good thing there isn't sex ed in that shithole state they would have to explain it.
So what was the Police chief trying to hide?

It was reprisal for the paper finding out about someone with political connections getting a DUI while already on probation for another DUI.

Also the judge has DUIs.


A look at Jacksonville's Saturday paper for a flavor of the community. Looks like they dodged that diversity chief bullet.


Mitch McConnell appears to freeze again while talking to reporters in Kentucky​

According to McConnell spokesperson Stephanie Penn, the senator was feeling "momentarily lightheaded" during the news conference. A member of McConnell's office said he would consult a doctor before his next engagement.

Has he not seen a doctor since the first incident? Why is it the people around him seem to be less concerned about his health than I am?
Because those around McConnell know him on a more personal level - and they still are just waiting for him to die.

FBI Agent Says Giuliani Was Co-opted by Russian Intelligence​

The whistleblower says his probe of Giuliani’s ties to suspected Russian operatives was thwarted.

Having just visited the giant redwoods, we really need to protect those forests. I saw a ton of logging in Washington and Oregon and none of it was aligned with best forestry practices.