Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

I highly doubt he will be able to get the votes.

I don't think so either. He's a very polarizing figure who will cost Republicans seats. Meanwhile the so called liberal media

Why is on the Democrats to dip their hand in blood to elect a Republican who won't do a thing for Americans?
Vote planned for tonight in question after Jordan suggest remaining in recess now 31 NO votes.
Jordan is losing ground. Only 199 votes this round.
With as many votes as it took McCarthy, but he eventually got it, I don't see Gym giving up easily...but I'd be happily wrong.
According to Fox News he will back McHenry to January which is after the budget negotiation so sounds like Jordan thinks if they take shutting the government down off the table he will be trusted.
Jordon loses again. Groundhog Day continues. Republicans stuck on day one of a losing intermural sports team after refusing to pick a team captain.