Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

Who is the next one to not make the cut?
Who is the next one to not make the cut?

Who is the next one to not make the cut?

Might turn out to be the temporary speaker.

I'm not saying McHenry will run for speaker.

The image below is Florida Republican Rep. Greg Steube looking over a resolution to remove temporary speaker McHenry presumably to prevent an expansion of the role.

The only reason McHenry inhabits his current role is because MAGA removed the speaker and couldn't get anyone to be speaker so they are doubling quadrupling down on chaos. Since the temporary speaker role was only recently adopted after 9/11 nobody knows who would replace the temporary if removed.
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I know nothing about his politics, but at least this time it's a more logical nomination...
I see no evidence of a plan. They are just throwing things against the wall to find someone that will stick.
Next up strange diminutive bigot Mike Johnson

Photo with Tony Perkins - Head of the Family Research Council a white supremacists anti-gay Christian attack lobbing group.