Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

Too bad the UK insisted of staying out of the Schengen agreement (and left the EU on top of it).
Lots of UK nationals living in Norway found this out when they had to apply for a special “brexit” residence permit.

Other UK nationals who have arrived after Brexit was done are now “third country citizens” just like Albanians, Serbians or other visa free third country citizens. This means they can’t just come to Norway to work, they need a work permit, like every other non-EU/EEA national. We have had so many UK nationals who simply ”didn’t know this was a consequence of Brexit” and found themselves working illegally in Norway and have been expelled with a prohibition on entry not only to Norway, but also the entire Schengen area for this.
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TIL of a term German Nazi‘s call Antifa people.

Antifanten, combination of Antifa and Elefant. 😁

Bidenomics is destroying our economy! DESTROYING!
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Before the midterms there was significant talk about how bad the crime specifically shoplifting had gotten since the pandemic...

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Okay so maybe it was a lie and the businesses were not really hurting that much by shoplifting but seriously crime has gotten really bad! Look we had to close some stores for the protection of our own workers:

Hahaha fooled you crime is as low as it could be, low as its ever been in decades, we don't really have to worry about crime

Fool me once shame on who? Fool me twice... we need an authoritarian dictatorship to confirm the beliefs that crime was really bad to protect my ego