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Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

The wording of that made me chuckle a bit. Like they all thought they were showing up for a different reason, but it turns out...
About goddamn time!
Multiple federal agencies involved.


WaPo Chief Will Lewis’ New Editor ‘Decides’ Not to Join​

Winnett’s 18-day tenure as incoming executive editor is equivalent to 1.63 Scaramuccis

Hatchet job on incoming editor!

Incoming Post editor tied to self-described ‘thief’ who claimed role in his reporting​

New 'Washington Post' chiefs can’t shake their past in London​

Rupert Murdoch and new 'Washington Post' CEO accused of cover-up in hacking scandal​


Republicans Values

I thought just the gun story was interesting but what is more compelling is he was using the gun to intimidate a stripper. Then the staffs paranoia that the newspapers with their crime reporters knew about the event before he had called his staff to tell them... chefs kiss