Spoilers: Random Thoughts (Sports)


LeBron James breaking the record for total career point (previously held by Wilt Chamberlain). Gee, I hope someone got a video of it... 🤣

The NHL put cameras on the goalie for the All Star game.
And lots of players (at least in the NFL for sure) are already mic'd up.

It's just a matter of time until, "Ooh, what a hit! Let's go to the Doritos Crunch Cam!"

Someone posted on Twitter how the Apple Watch can now measure acceleration up to 256 G and how ridiculous that was because people usually pass out at 5 G.
I answered by saying well, a baseball pitcher throwing/accelerating a ball to say 40m/s in about 50ms* will have their hand, and thus the Watch, experience about 80G. If the acceleration is uniform, which it isn’t, so probably peak way above 100G.

That sounds utterly insane and ridiculous to me. However, just calculating this through confirms it must be true, because of physics and human anatomy/size (see below).

* since this came from Google and it felt way too short I did a little sanity check. By 1/2*a*t^2 these numbers above result in a distance traveled during acceleration of pretty much exactly 1m. Which is definitely on the right ballpark - any longer (and slower) acceleration would very quickly result in an impossible distance. The guy arguing against this actually wanted to calculate with 0.5 instead of 0.05 s of acceleration… making his arms like 10m long????