Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

I love that this is the first result. :lol:

Dave have been playing some specials, the Indian, which well... We know how bad that is, followed by the first American special, which is still fucking phenomenal.
Does anyone have a link to the clip (or at least the episode info) of Jeremy Clarkson talking about...either french cars in general, or perhaps a Citroen DS...about how everything in them used to be wacky, and an example he gave was something about how the gear shift was a stalk of celery, and something about the turn signal being on the ceiling or something...

Any ideas?
I'm fairly sure its 8.05 and the review of the Citroën C6 which starts with an old CX to illustrate the madness. I can only find the second part of the film on YouTube, the part where JC uses a C6 and a BMW 5 series to film the two halves of a horse race.
can confirm. highlights include him struggling with the CX's brake button and wanting to start the C6 by licking a pad in the middle of the steering wheel
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What episode is this?

Watching 13x05 episode with the RWD cheap car challenge.

It’s comforting to rewatch.
As far as I remember (I went to a few of the live shows at the NEC) they weren't recorded, so anything you find will be Shaky Dave and his Handycam. I certainly don't remember them showing it on TV, flogging DVDs or even giving them away with the magazine.

I have some photos from at least one show, I should upload them to my website.
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