Random Thoughts....


Politically Charged
Mar 23, 2005
This is just a thread where you can post random things....(like instead of starting a whole thread about some small subject or occurrence).

For instance. I just owned myself 5 minutes ago. What I thought was a clip of the Colin Farrell sex tape turned out to be a clip of some dude fucking another dude in the ass. At first my eyes were focused on this ass, thinking it was his playmate girlfriend...I only realized when they zoomed out, but it was too late.....
Well, I have the vid... The real one... Its on lot of torrent sites...
Not good, though...
lol...well, I saw a small clip on "Best Week Ever" (a VH1 show)...they were poking fun at it, and the video did look kinda funny....that's why I wanted to download it....no other reasons, I assure you.

Anyway.....that's the whole point of the thread, it's about anything.... :p
lol...explain as in who they are?....they are all revolutionaries.

(From left-to-right). Ho Chi Minh. Malcom X. Subcomandante Marcos. Tupac Amaru.

Marcos is the only one still alive though and active in Chiapas.

The avatar is Che Guevara, of course.
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
post the vid

Oh for the love of god, I do hope that you mean the colin farrel vid and not the gay one Firecat actually saw...
ive got finals to study for, someone needs to teach me AP Chemistry by tuesday. :?
bingo......you'll do fine in your exams 8)

that said....i'm sooo glad i'm done with school....although I kinda miss the social side of it
I used to be quite good in Chemistry... Well, I had to be after I failed organic chemistry twice even though I was studying quite hard...