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Everything went better than expected with my brother, much better. Kind of like a starting with a clean slate. Driving nearly 6 hours had got me exhausted, though.
So, I am looking forward to seeing him on Christmas, more time to talk and catch up and what not.

EDIT: :lol: I see my title was changed. NOICE!
What was it before?
Over the hills and far away.

Today I work the Friday after Thanksgiving, first time since 2005. Usually I ask for it off, but nooooooooooooo....
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Finally the first snowfall of winter has arrived, can see it building on my windows and outside. :D :dance:
These people believing in god are idiots. "I believe I survived because god protected me", well guess what, god put you and 46 other people on an aeroplane that caught fire, filled the cabon with toxic smoke and then experienced flash over upon landing killing 23 people. What's that about omnibenevolence again?
Gee... I wish I'd had all the answers to the mysteries of the universe at 19. :rolleyes:

The difference between science and religion is that in science we don't pretend we know all the answers.
I'm agnostic, so by definition I acknowledge that I don't know the answers. As such, I believe that the existence of a God can not be dis-proven any more than it can be proven. If you can categorically prove that there is no God, then you can start calling people idiots. Until then, you just come off as another teen-aged uni student who thinks he's figured everything out.
To bad it didn't teach him to respect other peoples beliefs.....
I haven't even mentioned communism yet, it's not an argument whithout calling someone a communist. :p
To quote Heinlein:

"The Almighty-God idea came under attack because it explained nothing; it simply pushed all explanations one stage farther away. In the nineteenth century atheistic positivism started displacing the Almighty-God notion in that minority of the population that bathed regularly. Atheism had a limited run, as it, too, explains nothing, being merely Godism turned upside down."

If people are idiots for believing in a God for which no objective proof can be shown, people who believe there is no God are also idiots for the same reason - no objective proof of the validity of their belief can be shown.
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