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I'd rather have a cake of the Black Forest.
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I keep opening this page to this cake, and dang it. Black Forest cake is probably tied as my favorite cakes of all time, right alongside tiramisu. Just the best dang cake. I need it.
Found a quality rabbit hole while researching tools for a freelance piece: this place has the history of soooo many different hand tools. https://mathesontools.weebly.com/

Gonna have to bookmark that one for when it's not F1 chaos week.
Currently a guy here, nice guy, ex headmaster in a school, recently retired, is married to one of his teachers, damn what a babe, I mean seriously, she puts plenty of 20 year olds to shame, what a women.......were where all these teachers when I was in school? I only had battleaxes and old spinsters!
I remember watching a Modern Marvels episode about it. Under-appreciated by those not from the area.
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What do you mean? It was 2012 just like, three years ago and twenty years ago was 1982.
'member how 2020 was, like, 6 weeks ago? We're 41 days from 2023.
Some days I feel like it's 2021 and then see it's basically end of 2022. Fuck.
I just love big guy friendships, you can argue, you can bellow at eachother, 'titan battles' the little ones call it, some of them run for the hills, but you know it's just bullshit, an act, we cool? Course we fucking cool! Here is a beer! And the little people have no idea........cause when titans clash, the little people just listen.

I think I like being this big.
May your turkey be moist!

Or, happy turkey day.

Whichever you prefer.