Random Thoughts....

I've been recording it for the last few years - much easier now it's a live stream hosted on YouTube - but I'm taking a break this year. I saw it burn in 2021.
Are you becoming a woman?
Woman chiming in: I frickin' hate shopping.

Sometimes it's nice to get someone things I know they'll enjoy, but shopping out of obligation? Ugh. Super irritating. Clothes always fit me weird, parking always sucks, everything is expensive, and this time of year, holiday music is the absolute worst. But if you enjoy it, you do you.
This year’s Gävle goat is up. Will it burn again?

Does the Pope shit in the woods?
IDK, but the Popemobile would look cool with a bumper dumper.
I need to fart.
"driving" only means a horseless carriage I suppose? If you're wasted and "driving" a carriage, you can always blame the horse if/when you eventually screw up and crash, no?
"Kwak" always sounds like the sound made when you step on a rake. Uncomfortable.
Huh. TIL that's a thing.
Thank you! I’m getting better and might be alright tomorrow. My immune system seems to favour the “all hands on deck” approach, i.e. I’ll be down and out for a day and a half rather than sickly for a week.