Random Twitter sightings

I thought it might be an idea to start this thread for single reports on twitter where people mention having seen the guys filming, but that are not (yet) worthy of their own thread. To kick things off:

@blackbirdsings reports that the guys have been filming at Bentwaters airbase today.

Yes, I think it?s a good idea too Lindenchase, suggestion to you for a rule/guideline:
separate thread only started once Twitage is confirmed from a reliable source.:)

Sounds like that, something involving large pieces of steel impacting with the ground at random angles and or velocities.
(NSFD=Not suitable for Dunsfold) :cool:


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I don't have high hopes for that one.
Agreed. Sadly in spite of what Wilman said in his blog during series 14 those pictures do rather seem to indicate the boys playing to their caricatures. JC OTT, May thoughtful and Hammond doing something vaguely cutesy for the members of Hammond Heaven to squee over.

I shall keep fingers crossed that I am completely and utterly wrong.