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Haha brillaint. He should be a laugh in a really bloody annoying way... :p
Bet this was set up when he and Clarkson were both guests on Jonathan Ross's show. Louie chased Jeremy round the green room. Presumably he caught him.
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So far, Peter Jones, Louie Spence, Bill Bailey and supposedly Al Murray have done it. My oh my how celebrity has changed over 4 years...
I guess, with the new car and everything, they will get a bunch of "celebs" down to the track to set some laptimes. Otherwise the laptimeboard would be so empty. (just like when they switched from the liana to the lacetti)
Jones said about 8-10 celebs were trying it out. The last time they did it, they only had 7. I'm curious which other celebs showed up.
Someone on Twitter mentioned meeting James today on the Isle of Man. He wouldn't say why he was there, so no confirmation it has anything to do with Top Gear. But they are still filming for the current series, so it could very well be. I do hope so, I love it when they are out there.
They're still filming? WTF?
Not even sure if it is Top Gear related, but still:

Posted by @adamskib I have just seen a GT40, an Aston Martin and a Ferrari on the M1... I wonder where james may and co are, it seems to fit them!!
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Could just be three rich sods on their way to Birmingham.

Anyway, James on the radio said he'd done his last piece of filming for this series of TG already (see Bugatti Veyron thread).

Next series maybe..
Could just be three rich sods on their way to Birmingham.

One of those rich-person rallies (gumball? cannonball?) is going on right now so it could very well be one of those.
From @Bungleduck, posted today:

OMG. Walking into a venue in Bracknell and James May held the door for me! Then saw Jeremy Clarkson havin a fag talking to Richard Hammond!

and from Wikipedia ;-):

Bracknell is a town in the Bracknell Forest borough of Berkshire, England. It lies 18 kilometres (11 mi) to the south-east of Reading, 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) southwest of Windsor and 53 kilometres (33 mi) west of London.

Edit: another post from @Bungleduck:
James May just gatecrashed the wedding I'm at...came on the dancefloor laid on a trolley! Try to upload pic

Glad to read that James is still a gentleman. :blush:
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Glad to read that James is still a gentleman.

Well only if he placed a doily on the trolley before he laid on it.
James and Jeremy should just become professional wedding crashers after TG. ;) Sod the bar.